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What to Do Before Going Live and Launching Your School

As your school prepares for its public launch, it's crucial to ensure that all aspects are properly arranged and any potential concerns are addressed. This article incorporates expert advice to guide you in setting up everything correctly and ensuring a smooth launch.

✓ Payment Gateway

1. Navigate to Settings → Financial  Payment Gateway.

2. Deactivate Sandbox and connect a payment gateway (or even more than one) to accept payments for your courses.

✓ Course Settings

1. Make sure that your courses have the appropriate access status (not Draft) and that your course sections are not set as Draft.

2. Go through the course player and make sure that all your learning activities are working as they should.

✓ Page Settings

1. Make sure that all your pages are finalized and ready to be published.

2. Remove any prelaunch pages/sections in your school.

3. Delete any countdown section that was set before your launch. 

✓ School Navigation

1. Navigate to Website → Website Settings → Authentication → LearnWorlds and ensure that you have enabled the Login & Sign-up process for your users (unless you want to add all of your users manually).

2. Navigate to Website  Navigation and make sure you have selected the option Un-enrolled users can navigate through your school's pages, apps, and free course contents in case you have free courses in your school (otherwise, your users will not be able to register).

✓ Notifications

Navigate to Communication → School Emails → Admin settings and add your email to receive email notifications upon certain events and keep track of your school's activities.

✓ Domain

Connect your custom domain (e.g., with your school, as this will help your school's engine optimization (SEO) and boost your ranking on Google and other search engines. 

✓ Create a test user account

Before going live, we recommend creating a user account and testing the navigation flow in your school, visiting the course player, purchasing a course, and experiencing live what a user sees when logged in & out of your school. 

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