Stripe is one of our integrated payment gateways and is also the only one that supports Subscription-based sales. Let's see how you can set up your stripe payment gateway along with its extra options:

1 Go to "Financial" ---> "Payment Gateway" from your admin menu.

2 Once on the Financial Settings page, scroll down to find the Payment Gateway section and set up your Stripe payment gateway:

a) Select Stripe as your payment method.

b) Connect to your Stripe account.

c) You can select whether you will be selling only by subscriptions and not individual courses.

d) You can choose to collect the users' credit card info before a subscription trial initiates.

e) You can ask users to add their billing info upon checkout.

Note 1: If a school is set to sell only by subscriptions and a user is on subscription trial, then they can see their remaining trial days on their topbar.

Note 2:   Remember in your Stripe account settings, to have the "Invoice Schedule" deactivated ("Do not email invoice to customer")  in order to avoid undesired charges on your customers.

Note 3 Make sure to leave the option "Variants" unchecked, so as to avoid course duplicates on your Shopify site: 

That was easy, wasn't it?