Stripe is one of our integrated payment gateways and is also the only one that supports Subscription-based sales (you should NOT switch between Stripe accounts - you need to use the one you have connected). Let's see how you can set up your Stripe payment gateway along with its extra options:

Go to Settings -> Financial -> Payment Gateway, and choose Stripe:

1) Select and Activate Stripe as your payment method.

2) Connect to your Stripe account (you need to use/keep the Stripe account you have connected and should NOT connect to a different one at a later time).

3) You can select whether you will be selling only by subscriptions and not individual courses.

4) You can ask users to add their billing info upon checkout.

Once you connect your Stripe account the option of collecting the users' credit card info before a subscription trial initiates, will appear.

Note 1: If a school is set to sell only by subscriptions and a user is on a subscription trial, then they can see their remaining trial days on their top bar.

Note 2: Remember in your Stripe account, on "Settings" - "Subscription and Emails" to have the "Customer emails" option deactivated, in order to avoid undesired charges on your customers.

Note 3: Make sure to leave the option "Variants" unchecked, so as to avoid course duplicates on your Shopify site:

Note 4: You can also accept payments through iDEAL, Bancontact, Giropay, SOFORT, and PRZELEWY24:






Note 5: If you wish to activate Mexican Stripe for your LearnWorlds school, please make sure to contact our support team at in order to assist you.


a. Once you connect your Stripe account and create your subscriptions and installments, you should NOT connect a different Stripe account, otherwise you will not be able to receive payments from the learners that purchased a subscription or installment while you had connected the 1st account. 

b. If your learners have already activated their subscription, you should NOT change the currency since your existing customers will not be able to pay in the new currency.

c. If a user downgrades their subscription plan, the price difference between the 2 plans will remain as credits in the user's account and will be applied to the subscription price for the next billing cycle/renewal. If you wish, you can refund this amount to the user via your Stripe account.