At this point, you have probably created your amazing themed online school. You have also developed your own awesome and informative courses. Naturally, you now wonder "How can I get paid for my content?". 

Below you will find all the information you need to know in order to connect your desired payment gateway, making the purchase of your courses a piece of cake for your learners!

If you would like to know about the pricing choices for your courses available to you, please feel free to check this article.

In order to start receiving payments for your courses, you need to connect your LearnWorlds site with a payment gateway.

1Go to Settings->Financial->Payment Gateway.

2 Select the Payment Gateway you want.

Depending on the Payment Gateway you want to use, you can follow the instructions in the following articles: 

Keep in mind that: 

Subscription-based sales are supported only through the Stripe payment gateway. More information regarding the Subscription Plans page here.

- You can also create payment plans and sell your courses or bundles with Installments (for Pro plan and above), available to you via Stripe. 

In case you want to use another Payment Gateway, you can accept payments there and each time you see an incoming payment you can proceed with a manual enrollment. You can check this relevant article:  Manually enroll a learner to a Course. If your chosen payment gateway integrates with Zapier, you can use it to automate the enrollment step: Using Zapier to connect your LearnWorlds school with 1000+ apps and, for the Learning Center plan, you can also consider our API.

- Finally, you can also create your own installment button through your PayPal payment gateway.