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How to Assign Super Admins to your LearnWorlds Schools (Multiple Schools)

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LearnWorlds introduced the option of creating and managing Multiple LearnWorlds schools:

  • Under the same email address with a centralized login (i.e. you can navigate to the schools without inputting again your credentials).
  • Under one LearnWorlds Dashboard (visible to all plans if you sign up via the LearnWorlds platform). 

In many cases, a course creator might need to create more than one online school due to e.g. different learning groups with different training needs, different language groups, different training departments across a large organization (i.e. separate learning environments for Sales or Support teams), or external partners (B2B), with tailored needs for their group of users, etc. 

As a course creator, you may need your users to have certain privileges that are unique to each user group with a school dedicated to their needs.  You will find more information in this article.

What is a Super Admin

If you don't already own a LearnWorlds school the first time you create a Trial school via the LearnWorlds platform, an organization is created by default for you and you are the Organization Owner who can create (multiple) school(s). 

With the Multiple LearnWorlds Schools feature, we offer an additional layer of access in an organization: the Super Admins. They are users created only by the Organization Owner who gives them specific permissions (Create, Clone, Delete) on the Organization Owner dashboard and assigns specific schools/organizations to them.

A Super Admin, is simultaneously the LearnWorlds Admin of the individual schools that are assigned to them, meaning they have full authoring access to their assigned schools.

  • Super Admin: A user created by the Organization Owner with specific permissions on the assigned schools/organizations.
  • Has access only to their assigned schools. Within their assigned school they have the LearnWorlds Admin permissions hence full authoring access to the school(s).
  • Has access to the Multiple Schools Dashboard where they can Create/Clone/Delete schools (if they have been given the specific permissions).
Super Admins are excluded and hence do not count in the non-user roles limit of the schools.

How to Create Super Admins

Log into your LearnWorlds Multiple Schools dashboard as an Organization Owner, go to the Super Admins tab, and click on Add super admin.

1. Provide the Super Admin’s details (Name, Surname, Email).

2. Choose the Super Admin permissions (if required): 

  • Create School: Grant them access to create new schools.
  • Delete School: Grant them access to delete schools that do not have an active subscription (paid plan).
  • Clone School: Grant them access to clone a school

Note: They can only clone a school subscribed to the Learning Center plan or higher.

3. Select the school(s): Assign your Super Admin to the school(s) they will manage while you grant them the same permissions as the LearnWorlds Admin (School Owner) within those assigned schools. You can assign only schools subscribed in the Learning Center plan & above.

Note: Only the schools subscribed in the Learning Center plan & above will appear in the dropdown list.

4. Click on Add Super Admin.

The Organization Owner in order to create a Super admin, needs to have at least one school subscribed in the Learning Center plan or higher.

When you add a new Super Admin an invitation email will be sent to them from LearnWorlds, asking the Super Admin to set their password for accessing the Multiple Schools dashboard and from there their assigned school(s). 

The Super Admin will click on the button included in the email to get directed to the main portal where they need to set up their password and accept the LearnWorlds terms & conditions. Only when this occurs, the Super Admins will be also LearnWorlds admins within the school.

Manage Super Admin Accounts

As an Organization Owner, you can manage further the Super Admin(s) you created via your Multiple Schools dashboard.

You can create a maximum of five Super Admins via the Multiple Schools feature and they can have access between multiple schools assigned to them with the prerequisite the schools are subscribed to the Learning Center plan.

If the Super Admin doesn't accept the invitation and does not set up their password yet (see above) their invitation will show an Activation Pending message  in the Organization Owner's dashboard.

From the main Organization Owner dashboard, you can see the permissions (Create, Clone, Delete) given to a Super Admin, the last time they logged in, the assigned schools, and the manage tab.

Under the Manage tab, you can also:

  • Edit an existing Super Admin.
  • Resend Activation Email (for pending acceptance Super Admins).
  • Delete the Super Admin account. Simultaneously this will remove them from the LearnWorlds admin (School Owner) role they had within their assigned school(s) and will be deleted.

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