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How to Manage Paying vs Non-Paying Users

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Users, after they sign-up in your school, can be categorized as paying or non-paying customers, depending on whether they have purchased a paid product. 

More specifically, if a user has an account in your school and/or registered for a Free course, they will be considered non-paying. If a user has purchased a paid product (course, bundle, subscription, etc.) or they are manually enrolled by the admin (in a Paid or Private course), they will be considered paying users due to the fact that they will be registered on your Sales records.

Lock Non-Paying Users 

If you have Paid Products in your school, and not Free courses,  you can enable from your Site Navigation settings the "Lock Non-Paying Users" option. By enabling this you can prevent any recently signed-up user from roaming freely to the pages that can be only accessible to logged-in users. Such pages are considered the following: 

  • Learning Apps (Profile, Best Resources, Daily News, People Directory, Community).
  • Account page. 
  • After Login Page.
  • Inbox. 

Any page that is set as public, such as your Course Catalogue Page or your Terms & Conditions page, will still be accessible to those users, as it was before they signed up for your school. In this way, you can prevent users from accessing any premium content, until they purchase a product. 

For more information on how to enable this setting, click here

Keep Community hidden from Non-Paying Users

If you would like to keep your community posts hidden from non-paying users, in case you post some important information there for "premium" announcements, you can always enable the following option in your School:

For more information on how to enable this setting, click here.

Apply Section/Widget visibility to tagged users

You can always create content on your School pages that you would like only a specific group of people to access. In case you have tagged all your paying users with a common tag, you can always apply the User Visibility setting, to prevent any other user from viewing the specific template.

For more information on how to use this setting, click here.

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