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How to Schedule Reports

Pro Trainer
Learning Center
High Volume & Corporate

You can now schedule the automatic extraction of User Segments and User Progress reports and dispatch them to specific recipients via email (your recipients will receive a link to download the report).

In this article, we will discover how to create and set up a scheduled report and monitor the reports through your Reports log page. 

Create a Scheduled report

You can schedule a report by navigating to:

1. ReportsScheduled reports.

2. Reports Reports center, and click on User progress and Schedule report.

3. Reports Reports center, click on any Use Segment and Schedule report.

Set up your Scheduled report

In the menu that appears after clicking to create a scheduled report, you can organize and set up your reports:

1. Set up a title.

2. Select the user segments that will be included in the report. You can choose from the preset Segments or your custom -created user segments.

3. Select the type of data you need for the report. You can choose from a simple list of users or a User progress report.

4. Choose the Report Frequency, select the time and timezone that the report will be created, and set the time period that the report will be created (the "Run once" option excludes the "Set time period" field):

5. For the List of users option, select the type of file for the extracted reports. Note that the file type is set to XLS by default for the user progress reports.

6. Choose whether you wish to inform the report's recipients upon preparation and set up the email notification.

7. Select the recipients of the scheduled reports. You can add as many email addresses as you wish, separated by a comma, and use variables in the email template.

  • In the Learning Center plans, you can have up to 20 scheduled reports/month, and in the High Volume, up to 200.
  • The Report link received in emails is valid for about 1 week. However, admins can download reports without problem from the Reports log page.  

Scheduled reports page

On your Scheduled Reports page, you can create, view, edit, delete, and manage a scheduled report. 

  • You can filter your reports by Type.
  • You can enable/disable a task via the Status field.
  • You can click on the created report or hover over the three dots and Edit Scheduler to edit your scheduled reports.
  • You can view the schedule history of an enabled scheduled report by clicking Reports History.
    By clicking on Reports History you will also be able to download all of the completed scheduled reports.

Reports log page

Navigate to ReportsReports log for an overview of your scheduled reports (such as the Status, Type, and format of the task file). 

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