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How to Add and Customize the Events Calendar Widget/Section

Our clever Events Calendar widget can help you promote your school's events and attract more students! Or even show the event dates that are relevant to each student (and that’s why it’s clever)!

To add an Events Calendar:

1. Go to Website→ Design →  Edit Website.

2. Choose the page you want to edit from the Pages Manager.

3. Click on the +Add section to add a pre-built Calendar Section (that already includes a calendar widget), or click on the + icon/Add Widget if you want to add a Calendar widget individually as an element in your existing sections.

If you wish to make changes to the Calendar appearance, click on Edit Tabs to adjust the below fields on the right side form:

Display the Calendar Events for already registered or new users

In LearnWorlds, you can host plenty of events through your courses. If you wish to display these events you can choose to show the events of all courses or choose from a Custom List

You can then choose the events you wish to show for Logged-in and Logged-out Users. 

Logged-in Users

There are five calendar events that you can show for users who have already registered in your school and have created a student account (not necessarily purchased a course):

More specifically, you have the option to show the events for all logged-in users, only enrolled users, or hide the events for all logged-in users.

Add to Calendar option

With this option, you can allow your users to include their meetings in their personal calendars too. In order to enable this, you should click on the events widget and click on "show" under the display options.

The available calendar options are the following: 

  • Google
  • Apple
  • Microsoft 365
  • Yahoo
  • iCalendar

Once the desired option is clicked, the users will be redirected to their respective Calendars to add the event.

Logged-out Users

There are three calendar events that you can display on your Landing page for new users who have not signed up in your school and you would like to let them know about potential events included in your courses:

  • Zoom or Webex live meetings or webinars.
  • Drip Feed course sections will be released/unlocked in the future to your users.

More specifically, you have the option to show or hide the events for all logged-out users.

-For File Assignments, only file assignments with deadlines will be shown as events in the calendar, supported only for the Legacy Assignments.-Events from Private courses and Enrollment Closedcourses will not be displayed to non-enrolled students (either logged out or not enrolled but logged in).-If you have enabled drip by days, this will only show events to enrolled users since it depends on the student's enrollment date.-Once the Calendar widget (or the Calendars section) is added, you can start editing the Calendar's content in the editing Sideform.

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