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How to use Replay and Auto-Recording Features in Live Sessions

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Including live meetings inside your courses is a big part of your content and can help you improve your users' engagement. However, finding a time that fits everyone's needs can be tricky. But what if you could automatically keep a record of those meetings? 


The Replay option allows you to provide your students with a recording of the meeting they just attended or even redirect them to an external link that can include related information or videos, e.g., you can share an old recording or a YouTube link. The option to offer a replay of the live session as an external link option is available for both Zoom and Webex learning activities.

When you set up the activity, you can add an external link to be available for a replay once the activity is finished (for example, you can provide an older recording).

Auto Recording - Zoom Learning Activities 

For your Zoom learning activities, you get an additional option, Auto recording, that allows you to record the live session automatically. This can be,

  • Disabled when you do not wish to offer the recording to your users after the zoom session is finished
  • Saved on the local computer
  • Saved In the Zoom cloud

Disabled - On the Local Computer

The first two auto recording options (Disabled and On the local computer) can be combined with the Disabled option and the External URL of the replay setting, which means that the replay won't be provided to the users or that an external URL will appear after the live sessions are completed. The external URL could contain anything like an old recording or a YouTube video.

In the Zoom Cloud

While setting up your activity, you can choose to keep a record of the meeting in the Zoom Cloud, and if you combine this with the replay option Recording of the meeting, you can automatically provide a recording of the live session.

It is recommended to enable the Passcode for the Recordings you share with your users. Navigate to your Zoom account: under Settings → Recording tab → Require passcode to access shared cloud recordings, and enable the relevant setting:

Once the live session is over, users will see a Watch the replay button. Once clicked, they will be redirected to the recording by Zoom (they will need to add the passcode provided to access the recording) or to an external URL, depending on your choice.

Note: Watching the replay will automatically mark the session as complete.

For the In the Zoom Cloud option, until the recording is fetched by ZOOM, the users will see the “session has finished” message. Once the video is fetched, this is automatically updated with Watch the recording prompt (without the need for the user to refresh the page). Also, if you navigate to your Zoom Account → Recordings and delete the Recording, then it will be removed from the users' side as well.

-A Pro Zoom plan/account or higher is needed for the auto-recording feature.
- The meeting recording can be made automatically available to the users only if it is saved in the ZOOM Cloud.
- If you enable the replay in the External link option and the video in the external link is locked, forward the passcode to your users to access the recording.
- On the local computer if the recording is stopped then a pop-up will appear to save the recording on the local computer. So every time you start and stop the recording then you will have the option to save the recording separately.
- In the Zoom cloud if the recording is stopped and started again, then the last recording file will be available under the Replay video → Recording of the meeting setting of the Zoom learning activity. However, in the Zoom cloud account, all the recordings will be available.

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