In order to start receiving payments for your courses, you need to connect your LearnWorlds site with a payment gateway, such as PayPal (please note that you need to have a PayPal business account)

The required information for accepting PayPal payments is:

  • your PayPal Live API Username
  • your PayPal Live API Password
  • your PayPal Live API Signature

In order to obtain your live API credentials you have to do the following:


1 Log in to your PayPal business account (if you have a personal account you will need to upgrade to a business account from your PayPal settings).

2  On your LearnWorlds school, navigate to Settings -> Financial -> Payment Gateway, on another tab.

Choose PayPal and click on the here link, as shown below.

4 A new tab will open in PayPal, where you need to select Manage API Credentials at the bottom of the page.


5 On the new page select Request an API signature and click on Agree and Submit. If you have existing credentials, they are displayed here.


6 You should now be able to see your 3 required API credentials. Click show to reveal them, copy and paste each of them to the Learnworlds Payment Gateway page respectively.


7 Type in or paste the PayPal Username, Password, and Signature in the respective fields

8 Make sure to save your changes when you are done, and activate PayPal:

There are also two important PayPal settings that we need you to verify in your account:

1 The first setting allows your PayPal account to accept payments in all currencies (foreign credit cards are denominated in local currencies which might be different than the default currency of your LearnWorlds school. If you do not enable these settings then foreign credit card payments might be denied).

  • The setting is available on this page: (you have to be logged in with your PayPal account in order to access it)
  • At the top of the page, where it says "Allow payments sent to me in a currency I do not hold:" you should check the first option "Yes, accept and convert them to $/£/€" (whatever the default currency of your PayPal account is)

2The second setting ensures that your customers can pay with a credit card without necessarily having to create a PayPal account