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How to Customize your Terms and Conditions Page

In this article, we'll explore how to modify the page displaying the terms your clients must review and consent to during the checkout process.


To customize your Terms and Conditions page, go to Website DesignEdit Website. Choose the Terms and Conditions page from the drop-down on the top left or through the Pages Manager and start making changes if needed.

-This is a template provided for your convenience; you are strongly advised to modify the text to fit your particular case.
-If you delete the template, it will not be feasible to re-add it to the available templates offered in the Website Builder. 

While reviewing your Policies page, make sure to replace any variables with your school's information:

  • {{school.company_name}} should be replaced with your School's Name.
  • {{school.url}} automatically populates your school's URL (which is visible on the browser address bar). 
  • {{school.contact_email}} and {{school.sales_email}} should be replaced with your School's email.
  • [phone_number] should be replaced with your School's contact number.
  • [address] should be replaced with your company's physical address.
  • [country] should be replaced with your company's country location.
  • [Company Registration Number [123456] should be replaced with your company's ID.
  • should be replaced by your school's URL.

We strongly recommend removing or adding any information that complies with your school's privacy policies, as this is a sample template.

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