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How can Users Schedule Meetings using the Form Builder

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You can get direct feedback from your users by scheduling a one-to-one call with them or getting information from your attendees about their participation as well as the expectations they have from the event. Our Form Builder (available in our Pro trainer plans or higher) can be utilized in multiple ways, one of its privileges being to acquire information from your users or visitors in your school.

In this article, you will find more information on how you can create a form within your school in order to get instant feedback for scheduling a meeting.

You will need to decide if you will create a Form learning activity within an already created course or on a Marketing form as a standalone page or either by adding a Marketing Form on a school's page. The main difference is that Course forms are available only to the enrolled users of the specific course however, Marketing forms will be available for visitors as well. 

Form Learning Activity Scenario

In case, you would like to get feedback from already enrolled users in a specific course, you need to:

1. Create a form learning activity.

2. You can select the "Pre-event" feedback template or you can create a new one (by picking the Empty option).

In order to get information about the date and time that your users will be available, you will need to add a Date/Time type of question where a user will be able to schedule a meeting at any date or time, or a Choices type of question if you have predefined meeting slots.

1. Click on add question.

2. Choose the Date/Time or Choices type of question and click on your added question for the sideform to be shown.

3. In the sideform settings, choose to make the question Required. For Date/Time you can also add the time or date placeholder.

Marketing Form Scenario

If you wish to receive feedback from signed-up users in your school or any visitor, you will need to create a Marketing form. The process is similar to the creation of the Form learning activity, so you can follow the steps in the Marketing form article , and add the types of questions mentioned in the steps above (Date/Time or Choices). 

Important Considerations: 

  1. If you are creating a Marketing Form, ensure to also include a Contact → Email type of question and set it as Required, to be able to gather information on all of the leads. 
  2. In order to share the Marketing form, you will need to make the form available on your school's pages or share the form link. 

Check Form Responses and Schedule the meeting

Once you check the users' Form responses, you can create a Zoom or Webex learning activity in a Private course and give access to the specific users. 

1:1 & Group Calendly Sessions

In LearnWorlds, you can allow your users to schedule a 1:1 session with you as an admin or any course creators and instructors, using the built-in Calendly integration. After connecting Calendly with your LearnWorlds school, you can create 1:1 session learning activities, connect them with event types created in your Calendly account and provide 1:1 sessions to your students. 

You can also offer Group Sessions to let multiple users schedule and participate in the same session.

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