Dividers are beautiful graphical shapes that can be used to separate sections on a page. 

These design elements can be placed on the top 

or bottom of a section.

To include a divider, click on a section to open the properties menu on the right, scroll down, and select a top or bottom divider from the menu. 

LearnWorlds offers a variety of dividers to choose from and selecting different dividers will allow you to preview how they will be displayed within a section. 

Each divider has 5 properties that can be used to configure its appearance:

1Fill Color allows us to choose a color for the divider, matching a divider with the previous or following section will help create a smooth transition between zones.

2Width is used to adjust the density of a divider.

3Height determines how far the divider will expand into a section.

4Stacking order allows us to control the position of a divider within a section. Setting this to "back" will send the divider behind all widgets of the section while setting it to front will bring it in front of the section's widgets. 

5Horizontal Flip will change the divider's orientation. 

Keep in mind that dividers can be added to any section on the page, allowing for the creation of unexpected and impressive page designs. 

Overlays are designed to make your backgrounds more stylish and less obstructive by matching your videos and images to your page's color scheme. 

To add an overlay:

1Click on a page Section to open the properties menu on the right.

2Under the Sections Tab scroll the menu down to access the Overlay option.

3Click on the switch to toggle the overlay on/off.

4Selecting Overlay Color will allow you to change the color of the divider either by selecting one of the colors of your school's palette, or any other color you wish.

5Use the Slide Bar to adjust the overlay’s Transparency. 

It’s amazing what you can create using the new Site Builder. Here are a few examples you can use when designing your page! 

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