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How to Create Custom Order Forms

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The LearnWorlds Form builder allows school creators to create Course and Marketing forms, for data collection. In this article, we will explore the Course list question type.

We will focus on empowering school creators to design and customize forms that allow users to conveniently select and order school courses. Additionally, we will also show how these forms can be utilized for users to express their interest in specific products or offer them as gifts.  

To save you time, we have created helpful templates on specific use cases, while creating a Course or Marketing Form that will help you get the most out of this question type.

Below, we present the range of use cases and scenarios where this question type can be effectively applied:

  • Custom Order
  • Seat Order
  • Trial Request
  • Gift a Course

Custom Order

The course list question type can be used in forms to create custom order forms that allow users to select and order one or more courses. The payment, if one is needed, is not completed from within the custom order form. The form acts as a communication initiator between the school and the user who ordered the courses. The payment needs to be managed at a later stage, and the admin will provide access to the products manually.

Seat Order

The Seats Offering is a B2B toolkit product that enables your customers to sell multiple courses to a group of users. The customer can order Seats, select the courses they wish to be included in the Seat, and the user limit. The school admin can send back to the customer a quote.

Trial Request

You can offer your customers the possibility to request a sample of your courses or a trial period before purchasing the course. This way after arranging further the details with the customer you can e.g. clone your existing course, make the cloned course a private one, manually enroll the customer to the private cloned course and add an expiration date. This way the customer will be able to access the course for a trial time period to decide if they want to purchase.

Gift a Course

The customers can show interest in courses, and share their budget and project needs, hence the school owner will collect this data to get back to the customer and confirm if they can build this course project, how much it costs, etc.

Add the Course list Question type

After you create your Marketing or Course Form, you can add and customize the form's questions

One of the form question types for both Course and Marketing forms is the Course list question type that allows your clients to choose products from a list like a multiple choice option.

Edit the Course list Question Type

The Courses question type has different settings:

  • Required: Enabling this setting makes the question required. If a user tries to submit the form without having answered a required question, then is taken to that question with a relevant error message.
  • Hide from player: This option allows the question's presence in the form; however, it hides it from the user.
  • Show Courses:
  • You can show your courses so the users can select the ones they wish to order.
  • Include Private Courses: Private courses are practically “hidden” courses, accessible only to users who have been enrolled in them. This type of course, remains unpublished in your course catalog but you can make them available for a custom order e.g. if you offer corporate training and wish to keep courses unpublished or if your educational program includes premium courses for a specific user group. After arranging it with the customer who expressed interest you can Sell or Give Access to Private (unlisted) Courses.
  • Appearance: you can select to show the image, description, price of the course cards, or a summary widget.
  • No of cards loaded: select how many cards will be loaded per page.
  • Load more: add a local more button and modify its appearance.

Exporting to PDF can be useful if you want to share the custom order form outside LearnWorlds e.g. via email or even in print.

In both Marketing & Courses Forms, you can add tags to users who submitted the form.

For Marketing Forms, you can also choose whether to save data like name and email in your Leads from pages page.

Review Form Responses

In this article, you will find more information on how to access and review the responses from the Marketing and the Form learning activity in your LearnWorlds school. 

Each form’s answers are collected in a cumulative Responses table, and a web report (either as an embed in the form’s ending screen or as a popup), as well as a downloadable PDF report, available for both the user who submitted the form, as well as the admin.

On the Responses page, you can see all the submitted responses of the users and export them in .csv or .xls files. You can also Delete all of the responses.

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