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How to Add your Twitter Account as a Source for your DailyNews

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RSS feeds allow you to stay updated on websites like blogs or online newspapers and magazines, and they help you avoid using the typical methods of searching or browsing for information.

In this article, you will learn more about converting your tweets from a Twitter (X) account to an RSS source that you can plug into your LearnWorlds school. 

Here is how you can create RSS URLs from your Twitter account:

1. Visit and insert your Twitter URL (or any Twitter URL) Twitter RSS Feed. Click on Generate.

2. Copy the generated URL.

3. Add the RSS feed under Settings Learning Apps Daily News by clicking on Add Feed. Ensure that the feed has started fetching. 

4. Add a Daily news section to incorporate this new RSS feed into your LearnWorlds school.

Although the service has a Free Trial mode, additional charges apply for the long-term use of the third-party software.

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