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How to Integrate MailerLite with your LearnWorlds school

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MailerLite is an email marketing tool designed to help you grow your business. With MailerLite, you can collect subscribers, strengthen customer relationships, automate workflows, and monetize your audience using advanced email marketing features.

We do not support MailerLite classic accounts.

Set up your MailerLite Account

1. Login to your MailerLite account or register if you are new to MailerLite's world.

2. Create your groups in MailerLite. 

Learnworlds lets you sync to MailerLite, two distinct LearnWorlds groups: 

  • Registered Users
  • Leads

For that reason, it provides you with the option to sync them to different MailerLite groups. 

To capture leads, you can add a Get Email section or widget on your LearnWorlds pages.

Connect your MailerLite Account

1. Click on Settings  Integrations  Email integrations.

2. Click on the MailerLite tab and check the Activate box.
3. You will be asked to paste the API key that you can find by navigating to the Integrations  API tab  Generate new token. Ensure you note your API key, as there is no option to retrieve it after it’s created.

4. Click on Connect to MailerLite.

Add Custom Fields in MailerLite

An optional step is to add Custom Fields to make your campaigns even more targeted. Check this article for the detailed process. 

You can find out more about Custom Fields below:

A. Registered Users Custom Fields: You can sync with MailerLite the following user information stored in LearnWorlds:

  • General custom fields are populated as a result of the user’s activity.
  • Custom sign-up fields are collected upon the user’s registration in your school.
  • UTM parameters.

B. Leads Custom Fields: LearnWorlds allows syncing the information set for each lead with MailerLite. This information is a mix of activity and systemic fields, populated as a result of the lead’s activity while subscribing from within email grabbers and UTM fields.


  • To sync any of these fields, you must first create the corresponding custom fields in MailerLite. 
  • New custom fields/Merge tags will appear after creating Custom Sign up fields and tags created from a Newsletter section (email grabber section). 
  • The fields should be in text format, and they should not be set to required.

Select your MailerLite Groups

You can select the MailerLite lists for your users and leads captured on your pages (through email grabbers sections).

Your users and the changes in their data are synchronized automatically in real time.

-If you add users via an excel file in LearnWorlds, then the new contacts are created in Mailerlite with the relevant fields and tags.
-If you update users via an excel file in LearnWorlds, then no fields are updated or tags added in Mailerlite.
-If users already had tags before the first sync, then the user tags will not be synced with your Mailerlite account.

Sync groups to MailerLite

Once everything is set up in both MailerLite and your LearnWorlds school, you can sync your existing contacts with a single click.

Synchronizing your groups to MailerLite is recommended only for the first time you set up the MailerLite integration (this action may take some time to complete).

After the first sync, all contacts added either manually from the admin (owner) in LearnWorlds, the API, or Zapier will be synced automatically.

Use the Update Lists button every time you need to make available the latest list changes in LearnWorlds.


When a user (or you, on behalf of the user) performs an action in LearnWorlds, the latter will automatically apply an action-specific tag to that user in MailerLite.

Auto-tagging is available for the following actions:

  • User enrolls in a product: A product can be any Course (paid, free, etc.), Bundle, Payment Plan (Installment), or Subscription. This action will also be triggered by manual enrollments.
  • User previews a free section of a paid course.
  • User is awarded a certificate.
  • User completes a course.
  • User purchases a product: The lw-paying-customer tag is applied to any user who has purchased at least one course, and the tag is added only once.
  • When a tag is added to the user.


  • When a user is deleted in LearnWorlds, the contact will not be impacted/updated in MailerLite.
  • When a user is Anonymised in LearnWorlds by the Admin, the contact should not be updated in MailerLite and will still be visible in the Subscribers tab.


You can review the terminology mentioned in the MailerLite glossary.

 You can integrate with more than one email marketing platform if you have different forms and campaigns on each one of them.

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