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How to Integrate HubSpot with your LearnWorlds School

HubSpot is one of the many Growth tools that our platform is integrated with. It is an inbound marketing and sales software that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and attract customers. It includes all the tools you need to do inbound marketing: email, sites, SEO, Marketing Automation, Landing Pages, Analytics, Social Media, Blogging, and many more.

Setting up Hubspot within your school

1. Navigate to your Hubspot account and copy this integration's tracking code embed code in the appropriate text field. The embed code can be found under Settings → Account Setup → Tracking Code. You can find more information here

2. Go to your LearnWorlds school and navigate to Settings → Integrations → Growth tools.

3. Activate Hubspot and paste the embed code. Click on Save to save your changes.

After adding the embed code, the system will keep only the field that is required to connect your school with your Hubspot account.

What information is sent over to Hubspot?

LearnWorlds automatically sends the following custom properties to avoid affecting the names inserted from systems other than the LearnWorlds platform that might be connected with Hubspot:

1. learnworlds_username : the username of the user

2. learnworlds_user_id : a unique string that acts as an identifier for each user

3. learnworlds_optin : a string (of single line text field type) denoting whether the user has opted for receiving promotional material from the client. The property can get one of the following values:

  • - , User did not opted in or out (default)
  • YES , User opted in
  • NO , User opted out

LearnWorlds also sends the user's email.

In terms of leads captured by your school's popups and e-mail grabbers, LearnWorlds provides Hubspot with the First and Last name of the lead and their email. To send the first and last name of the lead to Hubspot, you will need to add the respective fields in your forms.

If you would like information from your custom sign-up fields to be sent over to Hubspot, feel free to reach out to us at You will first need to create these custom properties in Hubspot and then inform us about the custom field names you would like to map so that our team can finalize the process! 

Adding the custom properties to your Hubspot account

To have the usernames and IDs of your School's users added to your list, navigate from your Admin menu to Contacts and click on Actions → Edit properties.

Click on Create Property.

There, you can add a new custom property by setting the Label field with the internal ID learnworlds_username. Choose the Object Type, Group and Level and click on Next.

Choose the field type and click on Create.

You can follow the same procedure to add the user ID custom property by adding a new custom property and setting the Label field with the internal ID learnworlds_user_id, or the optin custom property, by adding a new custom property and setting the Label field with the internal ID learnworlds_optin.

You can find more information on how to create a new property here.

Once you create the custom property, navigate back to Contacts,  click on Table actions → Edit columns.

Search by using the keyword learnworlds in the search bar, select the respective properties, and click on Apply.


  • If you have enabled the GDPR toolkit, your users will need to accept the targeting/ marketing cookies for them to be added to your HubSpot contacts upon Sign-Up.
  • If you make any changes to an existing user's account, like changing their username, the user whose details have changed will need to sign in at least once after you have modified their information for the changes to cascade over to your HubSpot contacts. 

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