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How to Create a Course

In this article, you will find more information on how to create a course in LearnWorlds. You can create a course:

1. From the main Dashboard, jump to the Course creation wizard by clicking on Create course.

2. Go to Courses and click on Create Course.

3. Go to Courses → Course manager and click on Create course.

Create Course Wizard

Once you have chosen one of the three ways to start creating your course, the Create Course Wizard opens up.

1. Add a Title.

2. Set up the URL.

3. Choose the Course type.

4. Set the price. There is also the option to publish your course at a discounted price to make sure your users will get attracted.

5. Upload an image for your course card.

6. Add the description of your course right below, and click on Next.

7. Set the Course delivery. Choose if you wish to Drip feed your course.

8. When you are done, click on the Take me to the course.

You can find more information on creating courses and our supported learning activities, in our respective article

After a course is created you also have the option to edit its Public URL. You can find out more here: How to Edit the Access of your Courses

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