Now that you have prepared your course content, what about deciding its access type?  Let’s see the available choices!

Paid Course

Whenever you feel that your course is ready to be offered to your learners, just choose to make it a Paid course and manage the price you would like to give to it. From now on, this course will be accessible only to those who have purchased it online or to those you might have enrolled manually, so this means that if this course was previously free the users will no longer have access to it.

After having saved your choice, click on the "Set the price" button or visit the "Pricing tab". A nice tip to lure students faster is to offer a discount price and the discount offer will be shown below. You can also take a sneak peek at your enrollment button on the left!

Draft course 

Just started creating your course but want to take your time, adding more content? You can turn it into a Draft. That way the course will be in authoring mode, hence neither published nor visible. This mode is preferable when a course is under development as it gives you time to establish it better.

Coming Soon course 

In case you would like to excite your students for your new course, just give them a hint of it and raise their hype for upcoming content. Choose the Coming Soon option and the course will be published in the school, however, it won’t allow enrollments. In fact, a course card will be shown indicating that the course will be available soon.

Course with closed enrollment

There is a chance that you would wish to have a certain amount of students enrolled in your course, so at that point, you will have to close the access to more learners. By choosing Enrollment Closed, users are not allowed to sign up for that course. The course though can appear in course catalogs and its layout page is accessible by everyone. However, already registered learners can still access their content.


Free Course

Sometimes, offering your content for free gives you more profit back! So why not have the choice to make your course Free, letting your students catch a glimpse of what they could expect from your other courses? Turn your course free and it will be accessible to anyone! Any user will be able to sign up and study the course, making them get acquainted with your content and easier to purchase one of your premium courses!

Private Course

Some of your users might prefer taking advantage of your knowledge in a more personal manner. We give you the ability to offer to your students a private course which you could very easily adjust according to each student’s needs and potential. The Private Course will be accessible only to the users that have been explicitly enrolled in it. Private courses remain unpublished hence they are not visible in the course catalog.


Note: If you change the course from Free to Paid, Private or Enrollment Closed the users who were enrolled in the course will be unenrolled. They would need to purchase the course in order to regain access. If you change the course back to "Free" they will still have access.