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How to Edit the Access of your Courses

It's easy to create, organize and customize your content within a course on LearnWorlds. You will find information on all there is to know about creating courses here.

After you create a course, the first thing you see is the course editing tabs, which have several options for editing. On the course’s toolbar, you can navigate to the Access tab and manage some really significant settings for each course.

Choose/Change the Course Access

You can select the course’s type. Even if you had given a course type, you can later change it and Edit the Access of your Courses.

  • If you change a course type from Free to Paid, Private, Draft, or Coming Soon, users that were previously enrolled in the course will be unenrolled. Users must purchase the course to regain access to the Paid and Private access types. Access can also be reinstated if you revert the course's price back to free.
  • If users are enrolled in a Paid or Enrollment Closed course and the status changes to Free or Private, they will not lose access.

Find the Course’s Public URL/Course ID

You can find and copy the course’s Public URL (not the authoring URL), the Course's ID, and the Mobile ID.

Change the Course's Slug

While creating a new course you choose the Title and Course Slug. In your course's Access tab, besides the Course and Mobile ID, you can also see the Public URL (see above).

If you wish to change the course slug, you need to edit the Public URL and click on Save. A popup will appear for confirmation and after the confirmation users will see the new course URL. 


1. The original Course ID will remain the same even if you change the Public course URL. So if your initial course URL was and the new course URL is the course's ID remains how-to-create-a-course-in-5-days

2. If you want to create payment links, follow the steps here How to Generate Payment Links (URL) 

Drip Feed

With the Drip-Feed feature, you can essentially organize the timely release of your content (per each course section) so that not all of your course content becomes available to your users all at once after they sign up.

Make your users anticipate the next section of your course by drip-feeding by date/days/week. 

Expiration Date

You can set up your course's expiration date (days, weeks, months).

After Purchase Navigation

While your goal is to sell your courses easily, you should not forget that the after-purchase steps of the user have to be correctly predicted as well. This is a great moment to up-sell another course or to redirect the user straight to the course player. Decide whether, after the payment, the user will be redirected to:

You can apply the same after purchasing navigation to all courses by clicking on Apply to all Courses.

In Free courses, the After purchase navigation does not apply. You can check here the different types of courses in LearnWorlds.
The After Purchase Navigation, if you have connected to Shopify, is different, so navigate to our relevant article for more information.

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