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Financial Billing Details Page

In the Billing Details tab, you can activate essential billing information necessary for generating invoices. Additionally, you have the option to create custom billing details to request specific information from your customers during the checkout process! 

Your Billing Details are also essential for calculating and applying taxes on your products, if you are using Quaderno for tax management purposes. 

To activate the billing details:

1. Navigate to your LearnWorlds school Settings → Financial → Billing Details.

2. Activate the Billing Details.

3. A toggle appears for the standard billing fields to be enabled, and you can activate whichever of them you want as required. 

4. The same applies to the Business TAX ID. This field corresponds to Sales tax / VAT ID.

5. You can set the Business Tax Id and Brazilian State, Boleto additional billing details as required. The Boleto additional billing details will be available if the Boleto option is activated in your Stripe Payment Gateway, and it will be required to fill in these details, in order to purchase using Boleto as a payment method. For the rest of the payment methods, these billing details will be optional, unless they are marked as required.

6. You can also create custom billing fields.

If Quaderno is activated for tax calculation, the Business TAX ID field will automatically be enabled (yet not be considered required) to cater to business transactions.

Standard billing details

These fields are the standard billing information that can be enabled when a user purchases a product:

  • Billing Name
  • Address
  • City
  • Postal code
  • Country


  • If you have activated Quaderno for tax management purposes, then some standard billing info fields will automatically be activated (Name, Address, Postal code, and Country) and marked as required (Postal code and Country). These fields are essential for the Quaderno Integration, in order for the relevant taxes to be calculated and applied in every transaction in your school.
  • If you have activated Stripe as a payment gateway, then some standard billing info fields (Name, Address, Postal code, and Country) will automatically be activated and marked as required.
  • If you have activated PayPal or Pagseguro, you will be able to use any billing info fields you wish. By activating Shopify, you will not be able to activate and use the billing info fields.

Custom billing details

You also have the option to add custom billing fields. When you add a custom billing field, the corresponding collected information from each transaction will also be depicted on the invoice and sent to your payment gateway integration as transaction metadata. 

The process of creating custom billing fields is similar to that of the custom sign-up fields:

  • For Text input, you can check the steps mentioned here.
  • For Dropdown, you can check the steps mentioned here.
  • For Checkbox, you can check the steps mentioned here.
  • For Radio buttons, you can check the steps mentioned here.
  • For Date, you can check the steps mentioned here.
  • For Text area, you can check the steps mentioned here.

You can also enable the Full-width setting, in order to expand your custom billing field to the full width of the billing details section.


  • The Text Area custom billing field can be utilized if you want users to add details to their invoices. 
  • The custom billing info fields are further editable and any translation of the field name can take place.
  • The user card will include the latest billing details provided by the user, in order for them to be prefilled in any future purchase. This information will also be available within the user data in Zapier triggers and actions, user-related API endpoints, and Webhooks.  

User Interface

1. When adding and activating new custom billing fields, those will be automatically displayed on the Payment Page during the checkout process:

2. The billing information will also be displayed on the account page of the user, which they can further edit at a later time.

General Notes

  • When a user proceeds with purchasing products, the Billing Details that were inserted in the first purchase will automatically be prefilled. If the user decides to change the billing information while purchasing the product, this will automatically sync on the user’s account page and overwrite the initial billing information, keeping the latest information. Kindly note that this does not apply to the Credit Card information, in case the user enters a different payment method than the one initially used. 
  • The Billing Information is also stored in the cases of Subscription Plans and will be used in every recurring payment.

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