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How to Customize your Mobile app Colors and Typography - Theme Explorer

Utilizing our Mobile App Builder, you have the power to tailor your app's pages to align seamlessly with your school, brand, and specific requirements. Through the Theme Explorer tool, you can handpick your preferred colors, fine-tune typography settings, choose font families and sizes, and personalize the layout of your sections.

Theme Explorer

Following your school's theme explorer, you can customize the Color Scheme and Fonts on your Mobile App. By making changes to the available options, you can see the alterations in real-time so that you are fully aware of the changes that will be applied. 

To access the Theme Explorer, please follow these steps:

1. Access your admin's dashboard.

2. Proceed to the Mobile App section.

3. Choose Design Edit mobile app.

4. Navigate to the Design → Theme Explorer.


When it comes to specific colors, you can set up the:

  • Application mode: Choose if the app will be in a dark or light mode.
  • Brand Colors: Change the brand primary and brand secondary colors as well as the text color.
  • Background Colors: Choose from a specific color palette, with specific shades, so an even result can be created.
  • Text Color: Edit the dark and light text colors.

While making the changes, you can see them in real time on the right of your screen, so you can check the result prior to saving.

Your app needs to adhere to specific guidelines and restrictions imposed by the Apple & iOS stores in terms of its appearance. As a result, certain design features, such as using the complete color palette for app background colors, are not available.


By clicking on the Typography tab, you can change the fonts in your Mobile app. The text sizes of your headings and main text are also available for customization.


In the Layout tab, you can edit the sections' height.

After saving all the applied changes will appear in your Mobile app in real-time and there is no need for an app update.

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