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How to Accept Apple Pay Payments through Stripe

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Apple Pay is a digital wallet, a mobile payment service by Apple, that allows customers to securely make payments on their iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Essentially, customers can use digital wallets to pay online with a saved card or a digital wallet balance.

According to Apple and Stripe, Apple Pay can be utilized under the following conditions:

  • Using a compatible device with the latest version of iOS or iPadOS, watchOS, or macOS.
  • A supported card from a participating card issuer.
  • An Apple ID signed in to iCloud.

  • From within the country/region, Apple Pay is supported.

  • More specifically, Stripe users can accept Apple Pay in iOS applications in iOS 9 and above, and on the web in Safari starting with iOS 10 or macOS Sierra.

Apple Pay is now available as a payment option on top of Stripe as a payment gateway, within the LearnWorlds platform. 

Set up your system to accept Apple Pay payments through Stripe

The admin can enable this payment option within the Stripe setup. When this payment option is enabled, users from the respective devices/browsers can use it, once they login into the school (applies both for the 1-click-sales-funnel and for the payments page).

 1.  Enable Apple Pay as a payment method in your Stripe account. Navigate from your Stripe Dashboard to Settings Payment methods and enable Apple Pay.

2. From your admin's dashboard in your LearnWorlds school, click on Settings Financial Payment Gateway and enable Apple Pay.

Apple Pay appears only on Mac/Safari browsers and only if the user has set up their wallet and is logged in to their LearnWorlds account.

Admins will only be able to preview the Apple pay option only if they use Mac/Safari browser and only if they have set up their wallet and logged in to the LearnWorlds platform

Apple Pay comes with specific guidelines for the theme of the distinct Buy button - which should be dark or light according to the background color around it as an element, as well as for the button size, and the position of the button in the context of the environment it is being included.

We have already taken care of the button size, and the position of the button in the Payment Zone, and as a default, we have preselected the dark theme for the Apple Pay Buy button; yet in case you have selected dark colors on your payment zone/page, the light theme of the Buy button should be selected, so as for it to be clearly visible in the payment zone/page and for your school to comply with the guidelines from Apple.

You can adjust the button theme based on the background color of your Payment Zone in the Site Builder settings on your LearnWorlds school.

Dark Button: Use white or light-color backgrounds that provide sufficient contrast. Don’t use black or dark backgrounds.

Light Button: Use dark-color backgrounds that provide sufficient contrast.

Payment Flow

You can check how this will appear if someone wished to pay via Apple Pay.

According to Apple's guidelines, Apple Pay, when available as an option, appears first and is preselected on the list of the payment methods, on the payment page.

For more information on how to accept Apple Pay payments through Stripe, you may visit:

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