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Organization Owner VS Super Admin VS LearnWorlds Admin

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LearnWorlds includes the option of creating and managing Multiple LearnWorlds schools:

  • Under the same email address with a centralized login (i.e., you can navigate to the schools without inputting your credentials again).
  • Under one LearnWorlds Dashboard (visible to all plans if you sign in via LearnWorlds or if you navigate to My accountManage multiple schools in your LearnWorlds school Dashboard). 

In various scenarios, course creators may find it necessary to establish multiple online schools to cater to distinct learning groups with diverse training requirements. These situations may arise from factors such as varying language groups, separate training departments within a large organization (e.g., Sales or Support teams), or external partnerships with tailored user needs (B2B).

In response to these needs, it is possible to create multiple schools, each designed to address a specific case effectively.

With Multiple Schools, we offer an additional layer of access for admins in an organization (a cluster of 1 or more schools):

  • Organization Owner
  • Super Admin
  • LearnWorlds admin

In this article, we will explore the distinctions between organization owners, super admins, and LearnWorlds admins.

Organization Owner

The organization owner is the one that creates the first school (it could be only one school, or it could be a cluster of more than one), thus also creating the organization. The organization owner, by default, has a double role:

  • Organization owner's role in the organization (full access to the organization)
  • LearnWorlds admin role in all the schools that are created within their organization (no matter who created the schools).

The organization owner can:

  • Create/Clone/Delete Schools 
  • Create Super Admins (and assign specific permissions)

Super Admin

The Super Admin is created by the organization owner with specific permissions within the organization (cluster of schools) and has at least one assigned school. A Super Admin, is simultaneously the LearnWorlds Admin of the individual schools that are assigned to, meaning they have full authoring access to their assigned schools.

The Super admin can:

  • See their assigned schools in the Multiple Schools Dashboard.
  • Create/Clone/Delete schools (if they have the specific permissions)

LearnWorlds admin

The LearnWorlds admin is the existing administrative role with full authoring access to the LearnWorlds school. 

The LearnWorlds admin account, or in the case of Multiple Schools, the Organization Owner and Super Admin are the only accounts that can connect and manage the Zapier Integration. The other admins possess complete authoring access to the platform, with the sole distinction being that only the LearnWorlds admin can oversee and authenticate the Zapier integration.

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