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How to Track User Engagement

You administrate an online school so you cannot monitor engagement with measures applied in traditional classrooms like reacting, taking notes, or asking questions. It is important to have insights into your user engagement because it will help you improve the learning and training experience.  


You may monitor a user's activity from the Users  All users. Use the Search field or other filters to find the user, and click on the user's Username to find the Activity tab.

Υou can calculate engagement from the frequency of logins, course visits, transactions, enrollments and certificates earned. You can also export the User login/out report per date and time. 

If you click on See All at the bottom of the Activity tab you will be redirected to the Events Log page.

Events log page

You may access the Events Page by navigating to Reports Center  Events Log. In this log list, you may overview the last thousand activity records of your academy. By utilizing the Search field you may narrow down the results by user. For your data processing and analysis, you can export logs for a specific user or for all users in CSV or XLS formats.


You may overview Progress per user by navigating to Users → All Users. For more detailed User Progress, navigate to Report Center → User progress.

Course Insights

With our Course Insights tool, you can compare the performance of your courses, delve into users’ content consumption behaviour for each course, appraise the effectiveness of each learning activity and identify and segment your audience.


The gradebook is one more traditional way to evaluate users' engagement. You may access the Gradebook, by clicking on Reports Center Gradebook


You may evaluate users' engagement from their social interactions and/or participation in the courses' discussions. Posts on a course discussion or in your school's Community, Follows, Post Comments and Post Likes can be easily viewed and exported from the Events Log menu. Select a filter or utilize the search field and examine the social activity of users.

Video Analytics

Video learning activities in a LearnWorlds school have proven to be an exceptional tool for e-learning. They not only improve users' performance by providing visualization but also allow them to interact. If under the Settings → Video → Provider,  you've chosen to host your videos in LearnWorlds you will find metrics per video file in the Video Library of each course. Click on the Video Stats icon and retrieve helpful data for the evaluation of your users' engagement.

You can find out more, in our respective article. 

Note: If you have enabled the GDPR Toolkit in your school, the users will need to accept the Analytics cookies in order for you to view their username in video analytics.  If the user has excluded the "Analytics" cookies, they will be recorded as "School Member" in video analytics, instead of their actual username.

Analytics Integrations

Get detailed information on your school's web traffic by utilizing one of the Analytics Integrations offered, under Settings Integrations Analytics. In this article, we describe the benefits of activating Analytics for your school but also present briefly the offered Integrations.

Ask for feedback - Form Responses

You can create a targeted form or questionnaire and evaluate your users' engagement or intentions. Additionally, you will get valuable information that can improve your courses. Feel free to check this article for a detailed description of the process.

Mobile App Analytics

If you have purchased and published an Android and iOS app, you can always monitor the app performance by navigating to Mobile App → Analytics.

Popup Analytics

With the PopUp Builder, you can also track engagement, clicks, views etc! Click here to find more information.

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