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How to Create & Manage User Groups

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User Groups serve as a valuable tool for streamlining internal training, segmenting your audience, and unlocking numerous possibilities to provide personalized user experiences

User Groups provide an automated and intuitive way to organize users into specific groups, allowing for tailored management and enabling the creation of distinct learning spaces and personalized experiences for various audiences within your online school. 

You can add users to groups and even automate the user addition based on specific rules. Upon setup, users meeting the specific requirements will be added to the created group. You can:

  • Group users and enroll them in specific courses.
  • Create a User Group Manager with extended management permissions and assign a user group to them. They can manage the product they are assigned to, which consists of a group of students and courses (optional).
  • Personalize the user experience by providing a custom after-login page for each created group.

In this article, we will learn how to create and manage user groups, demonstrating how they can enhance internal training engagement for users. 

Create a User Group

1. Go to Users User Groups and click on Create User Group.

2. Give a name to your group and a brief description of its purpose to improve future understanding between various groups.

3. Optionally, you can set up a set of rules to automatically add users to this group. These rules will apply to all current users, and you will also have the option to manually add users at a later time.

4. Select if any/which courses will be included and available for your group users and whether you want to enroll users in all selected courses automatically upon joining the user group

5. Select an existing user to be the User Group Manager. If the user doesn't exist, you need to create the user account first. Once the User Group Manager is selected, the system will update their role to reflect their new position.

6. Set up the User Group experience. You can use a custom after-log-in page for this group or tag users upon their addition to the user group.

7. See a User Group overview and confirm you want to create this user group.

There is a limitation on the maximum number of users you can have per User Group. On the Learning Center plan, you can have up to 200 users, and on the High Volume up to 1000 users. 

Automatically Add Users in Groups 

When you create a User Group, you can set up a set of rules (conditional - OR) to automatically add users to this group. You can add users:

a. Depending on the users' Email domain. You can add multiple emails, comma-separated.

b. Based on tags.

c. Based on Custom Sign-up fields. For example: if a user submits reply A in a custom sign-up field.

The Add User action is triggered when users sign up themselves, when you add users via API, or add users via a bulk import or bulk tag action, etc.

(Manually) Add/Enroll Group Members

To Manage the group members, hover over the Actions tab and click on Manage group members

Add Member

You can add a single user to the User Group, provide the user’s details, and an invitation email will be sent, asking the user to set up a password for their account to access your school.

Bulk Add Members:

Click on the Bulk add members button, download the Excel template (see below), and fill in the user details in Excel to add users to this specific User Group.

Note: With this action, you only add the members to your group, they are not automatically enrolled in the courses included. If you want to enroll them you could do it manually afterward.

Only if you have enabled the respective setting upon group creation will the users automatically be enrolled in all group courses upon being added to the group.

When performing a user bulk action:

a. Download the sample file (Excel template).

b. The file you will upload for the bulk action shouldn't be differentiated from the Excel template provided by LearnWorlds. 

Use this template and add the data in the respective default fields. Do not alter the fields or add additional ones. When downloading the default template, it's important not to make any changes to the Headers row. The titles should remain the same and not be reordered, renamed, or added. 

c. Clear Formatting: In the case of copy-paste, keep in mind to copy the cells without any formatting. Make sure to clear the format when copy-pasting information in your Excel file, such as links on the emails or rich format on font styles. Otherwise, the import will not be completed.

Note: Ctrl+Shift+V for Windows or Command+Shift+V for Mac would help to clear formatting when copy-pasting.

d. Since you will be adding emails, make sure they are not added as links. 

You can enroll group users only in courses but not in subscription plans or bundles.

When the Excel file is ready, upload it in the respective field.

To find the record of your Bulk actions, navigate to Reports Activity logs → Users Action. You can find more about the Users Action Log here.

After you add your Users, you can hover around the username to perform additional user actions.

Manage User Groups

Go to Users User Groups.

There, you can track under one dashboard the title of a group when it was created and updated, the courses included (if any), the group members, the tags (added upon adding users to the group, the group manager), and the available actions. Under the three dots next to each group, you can Edit the user group, Manage the Group Members, or Delete the group.

If you click on Edit User group, you can see the: 

  • General tab where you edit the group name and discussion
  • User group members where you can add a group manager, change the number of users, and edit the addition rules.
  • Courses
  • Advanced settings where you change the after-login page and the tags

Notification Emails

During Bulk Add, you can choose to send a welcome email to the users upon import. The users will receive the User group/ Seat offering notification email.

As an admin, you can also select to get notified on course enrollment of a User Group.

You can create multiple custom after-login pages based on the User groups that you have created, by following the steps in this article

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