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How to Accept Klarna Payments through Stripe

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Klarna gives customers a range of payment options during checkout. Available payment options vary depending on the customer’s billing address and the transaction amount. These payment options make it convenient for customers to purchase items in all price ranges.

Customers are redirected to a Klarna page, where they select multiple payment options during the checkout process. (immediate full payment, payment in installments, or deferred payment). The School admin receives all the amount upfront, and the purchaser can pay later or over time. On every sale, Klarna collects from the School admin a small percentage of the sale.

With each option, Klarna pays you in full and collects the amount from your customer. The options offered to the customer include:

  1. Pay in installments

  2. Pay later

  3. Financing

  4. Pay now

On Stripe is available to all retailers based in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Czechia, Poland, Portugal, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States of America.

There is a limitation of the supported customer countries. Not all of the 4 payment options are supported in all countries: For example, in Belgium, the financing option is not supported, and the trial period in pay later is 21 days. 

Set up your System to Accept Klarna Payments through Stripe

1. Enable Klarna as a payment method in your Stripe account. Navigate from your Stripe Dashboard to Settings → Payment methods and enable Klarna.

2. Click on Settings Financial Payment Gateway and enable Klarna.

If the Admin has connected a Stripe account that doesn’t support this payment method (due to country/currency restrictions) the Klarna option will not be visible in LearnWorlds Stripe settings as available for activation.

Payment Flow

Now, you can check how this will appear if someone wishes to pay via Klarna.

1. In case the Country field is enabled and required in the Billing Details section, the users should:

  • see this payment option available on the payment page if their country is supported via Klarna.

  • see this payment option disabled and, upon hover, be informed via a tooltip that their country is not supported via Klarna. In case you would like to switch the text within this tooltip, you can visit the Site Language section.

2. If the Billing Details section is not enabled in the school, then the user should see this payment option available on the payment page. If they select Klarna, then a country selector dropdown field will be shown, with only the countries that are supported via Klarna and have the same currency as the currency set in the school as available options.

If a user wishes to purchase a course with installments, they can see the full price of the course on the LearnWorlds payment page. But, later, when they are redirected to the Klarna environment, they can select installments.

For more information on how to accept Klarna payments through Stripe, you may visit:

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