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How to Stop the Search Indexing of your School

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Stop Indexing

If you want to stop the Search Indexing of your school, you will need to navigate to Website → Design →  Edit WebsiteSite→  Site Custom Code and add the code under <head> logged in (html) and under <head> logged out (html):

<meta name="robots" content="noindex,nofollow">

Click on Update and then Save your changes. 

You will need to remove this code from the Custom Code section before you are ready to launch.

Exclude from Sitemap for Specific Pages

You can exclude selected pages from being indexed under the SEO properties of the page. This is useful for individual pages, while for the entire school adding the code mentioned above is way faster. In the Site Builder hover over Page and click on Page SEO

Select the Exclude from sitemap option, and click on Save:

You can turn your courses to Draft, Private, or Coming Soon from the Access Tab of each course as is explained in our respective article. 

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