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How to Create Reminders on Scheduled Live Sessions

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Live sessions are an integral part of your school's activities, as they have the potential to significantly enhance user engagement. Live classes and webinars offer a unique opportunity to teach, coach, and interact with your users.

To ensure that your users are well-informed about upcoming live sessions, you can utilize reminders. These reminders can be sent via email prior to the event, serving as a helpful prompt for users to attend. By setting up reminders, you can increase attendance and participation in your live sessions, ultimately leading to a more successful and engaging educational experience. 

This guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to set up reminders for your live sessions, as well as how to customize the email content to best suit your needs. 

Enable and Schedule Reminders

You can enable the live session reminders for your users while creating a Zoom or Webex learning activity in your course. 

Reminders can only be enabled and used in Zoom and Webex learning activities, and if you have activated the Mass email feature in your school.   

Zoom learning activity

While setting up the Zoom activity, enable the reminder emails option and choose the ones you want.

Webex learning activity

While setting up the Webex activity, enable the reminder emails option and choose the ones you want.

The default options for Zoom and Webex live session reminders are:

  • 1 day before the live session
  • 1 hour before the live session
  • 15 minutes before the live session

After the live session reminders creation, you can customize the time and date that the reminders will be sent out, depending on your needs, by navigating to the settings of the activity and clicking on Edit mass emails

While in the Mass email editor, at the last step, you can choose to schedule the sending of your email reminder

Manage the Scheduled Reminders

You can locate all of your scheduled reminders under Communication → Mass emails → Scheduled emailsYou can locate, review, and manage each one, checking their scheduled times, editing, previewing, or deleting them as needed.

In case you want to edit the reminder emails, you can either locate them directly from the scheduled emails and click on Edit, or you can also find them inside the live activity, by clicking on Edit mass emails.

Editing the Live Session Reminders

Whilst in the editing view of your reminders, you can review the details of the email, such as the title, sender email, subject, etc. Additionally, you can craft the email's content. Although a default template is available, you have the option to modify it to suit your requirements. You may replace the included variables, alter the text entirely, or even employ AI to assist you in constructing it.

Additionally, you can edit the recipients of the reminder. By default, the system will send this to all of the enrolled users for the respective course; however, while using the filtering option, you can change the audience (for example, send it only to specific tagged users). 

The process of crafting Email reminders is similar to the one you follow when sending mass emails. So, you can send a test email, change its category, change the recipients, or even the date and time the email will be sent.

The reminder emails will display the following variables:

  • {{livesession_when}}
  • {{livesession_date}}
  • {{livesession_start_time}}

These variables are set according to the school's time zone. Please note that this will also be apparent to users, as they will observe the school's timezone. 


  • You can only enable email reminders within the remaining time until the date and time of your live session. For example, if you schedule one session for the next hour, the default notification to send an email 1 day before the live session will be greyed out.  
  • You might want to review the notification preferences in your Zoom or Webex account. Consider disabling those notifications and relying solely on the ones provided by your school.
  • When you are using recurring meetings, you need to update the reminder for each session.
  • If you have disabled the privacy setting "opt-in for announcement" on your Privacy/GDPR settings → Custom Data Privacy management, then the reminder will automatically be canceled.

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