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How to Login as a User to Troubleshoot Issues

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If an instructor or a reporter, for example, is having technical issues with a school setting or a user would like assistance with their course progress and has reached out to your Support Team for a solution to their problem, you can use the "Login as a User" feature to further troubleshoot and replicate the aforementioned case. 

In this article, we will learn how to login as a user, who can utilize this feature, how to set up the notification template for users, and strategies for monitoring feature usage.

How to Login into a student's Account

1. To login to a user's account, navigate to the Users → All users page, navigate to the relevant user card, and click on the three dots next to the user you wish to impersonate, and Login as a User

For the schools that have additional user roles (available in our Learning Center plans or higher), this option will be available for the administrative role that has the specific Login as a User permission

2. You need to confirm that your user is aware of and consents to this action.

3. After troubleshooting, you can exit the student's account by clicking on the Log out from this user button on the banner located at the bottom of the page. 

When logging in to your user's account, you have access to all the non-private pages of their account (it is not just a preview), like the Profile and Account pages. You cannot access users' inboxes or community/discussion forums. 

Any action you take will have a permanent effect, including time spent on each course and learning activity. In case you have, for example, under the Completion of a learning activity settings the consider learning activity completed when visited, you will need to take this into consideration while troubleshooting in the student's account.

Who can use this feature 

The following predefined user roles can use this functionality: Admin, Customer Support, and Admin Assistant. You can also enable this permission under any Administrative role (available in our Learning Center plans or higher).  

Users who are assigned to Instructional and Reporting Roles cannot use this feature. 

Edit Notification Email

You can enable/disable the notification template that a user receives if you are logged in to their account. For more information, see this article.

You can also be notified as an admin when such an action takes place if the Notify with email  Log in as this User setting is enabled under Communication School emails Admin settings.

Events Log

You can track who has used this feature by navigating to Reports Center  Activity Log Events and filtering Login as a user or Logout as a user. For more information, you can check this article

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