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How to Use Leads from Pages

With Learnworlds, you can easily manage email subscribers and share your newsletters with them in a few simple steps.

1. Go to MarketingLeads from Pages.

2. There, you can see all the emails fetched from: 

  • The email grabber forms you have added to your school’s pages or any email subscription popups.
  • The lead Marketing forms (available on the Pro trainer plans or higher). You can create your own lead marketing forms that can be used similarly. Here you can check how to Capture Leads using a Marketing Form. Keep in mind that in order to use marketing forms for this purpose, it's important that they include the email question and have the respective setting enabled.

Apart from EMAIL, FIRST NAME, and LAST NAME, you can also view:

  • TAG generated by the email grabber forms.
  • OPT-IN → YES/NO refers to the following checkbox "I would like to receive news, tips, tricks, and other promotional material." 
  • EU USER → YES/NO refers to if the user is located within Europe (GDPR).
  • PAGE SUBMITTED refers to which page the email grabber is located on.

3. You can filter the email addresses, search for specific contacts or delete them, and export the data in a CSV or Xls format.

You can also integrate your school with an email marketing platform, such as MailChimp under SettingsIntegrations Email Marketing, to send newsletters or email campaigns to those leads. 

If, for example, you wish to synchronize your Mailchimp with the "Leads" emails, then you simply have to either create a new list within your Mailchimp account or import the Leads-exported list to an already existing one. Then, go to your Mailchimp settings from your school's integrations and Get your Mailchimp lists (if the account is new), or refresh/update your lists.

As soon as you create your lists and send users' information over to your email marketing platform, future subscribers will be automatically synced with your selected list.

Note:  You can create a Custom Field for "Tags" from Email Grabbers to be automatically synced with your user profiles in the email integration, along with the Full Name (First Name & Last Name).

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