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General Overview: Email Marketing Integrations

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a powerful tool that allows you to send emails to your contacts, create email campaigns, and drive desired results. With the use of email marketing services, you double the power of your school and can achieve better results. 

How can I use email marketing integrations?

We offer integrations with four popular Email Marketing integration services:

The first step is to have an account in one of these services. Most of them offer a variety of plans in order to choose the best one for your needs. By connecting your account to your school, you can sync your learners and your leads to your email integration account. This way, you can easily create smart, personalized campaigns for your school, newsletters, promotions, and automated emails that keep your learners up-to-date.

How to succeed better results?

  • Create a consistent email schedule.
  • Use Zapier to automate processes or create email notifications.
  • Follow the GDPR rules.
  • Make it exclusive. Create and share promotions and coupons for your learners.
  • Send your emails at the right time.

Note: If your school is GDPR compliant and a user has chosen not to receive marketing material, they will be synced to your email marketing integration with the OPTIN custom field set to NO (instead of YES). Your learners can change their settings anytime in their profile.

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