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How Users Can Set up Mobile Learning Reminders

Mobile Learning Reminders can help your users stay on track with their learning goals and remind them when it’s time to resume their courses. This article outlines:

→ Ηow to enable learning reminders on your mobile app(s)

→ Ηow users can schedule the learning reminders via the mobile app(s)

How to Enable the Mobile Learning Reminders

To enable the app Learning Reminders:

1. Go to Mobile AppApp settings → Learner Tools → Enable Learning Reminders on your academy’s admin dashboard.

2. Toggle the feature to ON to enable the Learning Reminders.

3. Add the title and customize the message text that will be sent to your users.

4. Click on Save.

If you want to edit or translate the App's UI texts in the Learning Reminders section, you can navigate to Mobile AppEdit your app. In the authoring toolbar click on App App language and choose the Learning Reminders View

Any existing learning reminders configured will be lost if you enable learning reminders and later disable them.

How Users can Schedule the Learning Reminders 

Your mobile app users can set up Learning Reminders on their mobile device, and receive push notifications at their preferred time and frequency,  by following the steps below:

1. Open the mobile app on your device (Android & iOS supported) and tap More at the bottom right to access the Learning Reminders section.

2. Click on the Add Reminder button to schedule your very first Learning Reminder.

3. Then select the desired dates to be notified at your preferred time.

4. Click OK to activate your Learning Reminder.

How Users can edit the Learning Reminders

If you wish to change when you receive Learning Reminders on your mobile device follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to the Learning Reminders page in your mobile app and simply tap the reminder you wish to change.

2. Select new days and times when you wish to receive the learning reminders.

How Users Can Stop the Learning Reminders

If you need to stop Learning Reminders on your mobile device, access the Learning reminders page and then toggle reminders off. 

By clicking on the delete icon next to the toggle, you can delete them completely.

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