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How to Manage the Dashboard of your Courses

After creating a course there are many editing tabs that help you have full control of your course's content. You can get the general course overview in this article

You can locate the Dashboard tab of a course under the insights option. Sales, statistics, Learners' progress, Certificates earned are only a piece of the information that can be monitored for each of your courses.

In the middle panel of the Dashboard, you can monitor the course’s Revenue for the last 7, 30, and 60 days and the Product sales for the same periods as well.

You can also monitor the statistics of your course in the right panel, such as the total number of users (including admins and instructors), the new users, and the currently active ones, the total time spent on the course by all users, the course’s revenue, and the sales count.

In the lower part of the Dashboard tab, displays a preview of the latest or pending activities related to your course. For all the categories of information, you may discover more by clicking on the see all or the gradebook button. In the:

  • Latest users you will be redirected to the User Management page
  • Assignments you will be redirected to the relevant Assignments page where you can grade an Assignment/File Assignment.
  • Certifications you will be redirected to the Certifications page, where you can also download the certificates awarded for your records.
  • Sales you will be redirected to the Sales page where you can get a detailed list of sales for various time periods and export them.
  • Latest Exams, the gradebook button will display your Gradebook page where you can view and export your students' grades and answers, edit their scores and reset their tries, etc.

Course Dashboard offers a glimpse of all the tools required to monitor learners and sales performance.

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