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How to Customize your School's Payment Page

Your Payment page is one of the most crucial pages of your school; it is on this page that your potential customers will provide their billing details and confirm that purchase you worked so hard for. Upon clicking the Automatic Enroll button for any paid product, they will be redirected to the Payment page, where the Product details will already be dynamically updated. 

You can also add different payment sections throughout your school's pages for 1-click-sales funnel purposes and connect them with specific products. You can check this article.

Customize your Payment Page

Go to Website → Design →  Edit Website and search for the Payment page, in the drop-down menu or via our Pages Manager.

You can edit the Payment page and add a different section from various ready-made templates and layouts. You can also edit the elements of the payment section, and within the Payment section, you can drag and drop the different components, alter the columns' background colors, and add Widgets (e.g., the Animations widget).

In your Site Navigation, you can specify whether logged-out users can access the payment section and navigate to the payment page. In this way, new users can buy and sign-up for the course at once.

To enable this, click on WebsiteNavigation and choose the Logged out users will be able to visit the payment page. You can find out more in our respective article: How to Manage the Non-Paying Users & Payment Flow.

Edit Payment Section

Click on the Edit Payment section and specify the following:

  • Coupon Selection

If you have created a coupon that applies to all of your courses and bundles, you can select this for the payment page (so the users will not need to enter the coupon code manually).

  • Payment Components

Choose whether you wish to show/hide the Product Details, Sign in/up form, and Billing details components. 

  • Add tags

Choose whether you wish to tag users. 

Choose whether you wish to show all the custom sign-up fields. 

Note: This setting applies if you have activated optional signup fields for registering in your school. 

  • Product Details Appearance

Choose whether you wish to show the Product's image and prices, courses, and the number of courses included.

Note: Show or hide the titles and numbers of the courses included if the product that is about to be purchased is a bundle or a subscription.

  • Payment Method Appearance

Choose whether you wish to show/hide the Coupons component and the price on the Buy buttons. 

  • Error messages color

Change the color of the error message.

You can find additional information on how to create 1-click Sales Funnels/additional Payment pages in our respective article.

If your users have already purchased this course/bundle, they will see the following message:

Apply a Coupon Code directly to the Payment Page

You can create a coupon promotion that will apply to all of your courses and bundles and pre-select the respective promotion so the users will not need to add any coupon code on the Payment page manually. This way, you will offer a pre-fixed promotion across your whole school and all the courses at once. To accomplish this, follow these steps:

1. Create the coupon and set it to apply to All courses (and/or Bundles).

2. Add a Course Catalogue section to any page of your school.

3. Click on Edit Course Cards.

4. Set up the When clicked action: Go to checkout Apply coupon (choose the coupon).

5. Click Save.

Once the users click on the course card of the course they wish to purchase, they will be directed to the Payment page, where the coupon will be already applied. You can also find out how to give direct access to a Payment Page with an already applied coupon in this article.

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