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How to Replace your Home/Landing Page with a Temporary one

There are several reasons why you might want to replace your school's default Home page with a new, or a temporary one. This can be done to show an Under Construction or Pre-launch page in case you do not wish to welcome your first users yet. You can also create a special landing page for a Black Friday promotion or the launch of a new course.

1. Go to Site Builder Edit School Site, and navigate to your Pages Manager.
2. You will notice that there are different types of pages. Currently, your home page has the  /pages/home slug.
3. Click on Clone Page.
4. Once the page is duplicated, click Site Site Navigation, to navigate to your Site Navigation.
5. On the window that appears make sure to click Select a page and choose the page you wish from the drop-down menu. Once you are done, click Apply.

Use one of your existing pages as a temporary Home/Landing page

If you do not wish to clone a page but choose one of your pages, navigate to Site BuilderNavigation and follow the instructions on Step 5 to choose a temporary Landing page, from your already created pages.

Once you want to revert back to your previous Home page, follow the same process as shown above and choose the default home page in your Site Navigation.


  • In case you want to disable sign-ups so that no one will have access to your school and be able to see only the "prelaunch" landing page you have created, advise our support article on your school's Login/Sign up Settings here.
  • In case you remove the top bar too (and the sign-up button on it) you will have to add this string at the end of your URL /?msg=not-logged-in and you will need to follow this link (in case you have a custom domain) in order to log in to your school (replace "yourschool" with the name of your school).

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