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How to Add Entrance Animations to your Pages

In this article, you'll discover how to incorporate animations into the elements within your page's sections, adding a dynamic and captivating dimension to your web design.

1. Go to Website → Design →  Edit Website and navigate to the page you want to edit via the Pages Manager.

2. Select the element you wish to add an animation to. Once clicked, the sideform pops up to edit your (text) element.

3. Go to Effects and locate Entrance Animation. In the animation type list that unfolds, select the type of animation.

4. Choose the Duration of the animation.

5. Set up the animatic movement to display after a given amount of time (e.g. after 3ms).

6. Check how the Animation will show by clicking on Play animation.

Similarly, you can set an Entrance animation for a button within any section of your page by clicking on it and following the mentioned steps.

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