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How to Integrate Google Firebase with your Mobile app

Google Firebase is an app development platform that can be used as an amazing tool to manage your LearnWorlds app's backend infrastructure, user engagement, and monetization. In this article, you will find all of the information needed to set up and connect Google Firebase with your mobile app

Set up Google Firebase

1. Go to Google Firebase and click on Get started.

2. Click on Create a project.

3. Enter a project name.

4. Make sure you have Enabled Google Analytics for this project.

5. Connect your project to the Google Analytics project you want to track your app.

6. After creating the project, navigate to Users and permissions.

7. Click on Add member and add as a new user. In the Role section select Editor. Then click on Add member.

You have now set up your project on Firebase and have successfully added as an editor to your project! 

Connect your Project with your LearnWorlds Mobile App

To integrate Google Firebase with your Mobile app:

1. Go to Project settings and copy the Firebase project ID

2. Go to Mobile App → App settings → Integrations, activate Firebase, and paste the Firebase Project ID.

Enable Push notifications for your Firebase Project

When you have set up your Firebase integration, you will need to complete the following steps to support sending push notifications through LearnWorlds. 

Click on your Firebase Project settings.

On the project settings page, click on the “Service accounts” tab and click on the “X service accounts” link to view the service accounts set up for your project.

Click on “Grant access” to Add a new principal account.

Ιn the new principal field, add the following user: “”. Then assign a “Firebase admin role” to that principal. 

Click on Save and ensure the newly added principal appears correctly in the list of principals for your project. 

Supported Firebase Events

You can enable the Firebase SDK for your white-label mobile app to send user events to Firebase.


Our app supports Firebase standard events, which are collected automatically. On top of those events, we also track Learnworlds’ custom events. The following custom events are supported:

  • login: user logs in the app
  • logout: user logs out of app
  • signup: user signs up on the app
  • course_purchase: user purchases course
  • course_visited: user visits course
  • reminder_inserted: user adds a learning reminder
  • reminder_removed: user removes a learning reminder
  • reminder_opened: user taps on a learning reminder notification
  • notification_received: user receives a push notification
  • notification_viewed: user opens a push notification
  • guest_mode: user explores the app as a guest
  • app_opened: user opens app
  • guest_mode: user explores app in guest mode
  • account_delete: user requests account deletion
  • download_video_completed: user completed a video download

Read more about Firebase app events here.

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