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How to Create an Ebook Learning Activity (Legacy)

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We have released our new and improved Ebook learning activity, where you can create stunning ebooks with professionally designed activity templates, sections, widgets, and a dedicated theme explorer. You can find out more in this article and how to migrate to the new builder, here. Legacy Ebooks will be supported until September 2024.


You probably think that the creation of an Ebook is a difficult process, demanding design, or even coding skills. Within LearnWorlds, the development of an Ebook is a trouble-free procedure and is accomplished in the following steps.

Create the Ebook learning activity

1. Create a course.

2. Go to the Contents tab of your created course.

3. Click on Add Activity under the selected course section.

4. In the Legacy category choose the Ebook (Legacy) activity.

5. Give a title to your ebook and click on Save or Save & Edit to start making changes right away. 

Ebook Settings

Once your Ebook is saved, hover over the learning activity and click on Settings to set up your Ebook further. You can:

  • Click on Edit ebook text to get directed to the Ebook Authoring panel (see below).
  • Set the title, and description, and choose an icon for this Ebook learning unit.
  • Add a Digital Download & Upload a unit background image.
  • Set this unit as a prerequisite so users will need to "complete" this specific Ebook learning unit to continue to the next learning units.
  • Check the automatically calculated reading time based on the Ebook word count (We calculate 180 words per minute, thus 3 words per second), and set your own estimated reading time if you wish.
  • You can also password-protect your Ebook learning activity, by following the steps here.

Ebook Authoring Panel

To create the content of your ebook, hover over the learning activity and click on Edit ebook. Then you will be directed to the Ebook authoring panel. 

You can find all the elements that are available in the Ebook element library in our respective article.

You can also import an MS Word file into your Ebook. Find out more here.

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