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How to Create a Membership Site

If you're involved in online business, you've likely encountered the idea of a membership site. Whether you're an internet entrepreneur or a digital nomad, a membership site offers a fantastic opportunity to monetize your content or community, establish a consistent monthly income, or develop online courses

This article will explore the following areas:

  • Understanding membership sites
  • Benefits of utilizing a membership site
  • A Step-by-step guide to creating a membership site using LearnWorlds

Understanding Membership Sites

A membership site provides gated content that gives access only to subscribers. Instead of selling one-off online courses, for example, you allow your students, clients, or fans to keep an active (paid) subscription in exchange for accessing offers, deals, and a community they can network.

1. Subscription: Membership sites work on subscriptions. Unleash the power of recurring revenue with Subscriptions. Offer subscription packages to your valuable courses and earn more revenue for longer with our Stripe payment gateway integration. You can also have a Subscriptions only school.

2. Different levels of access: Not all subscribers are the same. In the case of creating courses, you could have a one-size-fits-all, where all your courses will be available for a standard monthly fee; or offer different levels of access to different categories. E.g. Offering a bronze subscription that allows access to the lower 30% tier courses that are more basic and introductory, a silver subscription for half your courses including more advanced, and a gold membership for full access. With LearnWorlds, you could have that and also offer premium courses with one-off prices.

3. Community and Networking: Another option to enhance your school's subscriptions is creating a community and giving them premium privileges. Offering an online school with LearnWorlds allows you to transform your community or followers into paid subscribers and give them back extra value. You can create discussion groups or networking opportunities and share updates and special deals within your community to sell other physical and digital products.

4. Drip Content: Dripping content means releasing new content in a timely manner. Drip feeding is a good practice to keep your students and members engaged. With LearnWorlds, every new course section that is being unlocked triggers a customizable email notification sent to the enrolled students. You can get an overview of the LearnWorlds Drip feed feature and find all the details of how to get started in this article.

Benefits of Utilizing a Membership Site

Opting for a membership site offers several benefits:

  • Consistent, recurring income.
  • Enhanced loyalty through community building.
  • Opportunities for networking and social learning among members.
  • Improved engagement levels.

By embracing a membership model, businesses can create a stable revenue stream while fostering a dedicated community and encouraging active participation.

Create a Membership Site using LearnWorlds

Creating a membership site is within your grasp, and all you need is a few minutes of work to set up the basics. And remember, you can begin selling subscriptions while still developing content and get paid for it. Here are the steps to efficiently create a membership site using LearnWorlds.

  1. Choose Stripe as your payment gateway.
  2. Create subscriptions.
  3. Customize your Subscription page.
  4. Customize the Subscription emails of your school.
  5. Enable and set up your school community, A built-in community where your members can chat, form groups, and create posts and polls for knowledge exchange and further interactions.

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