Running an online business you have probably run into the concept of a membership site. Whether you are an online entrepreneur or a digital nomad, a membership site is a great way to monetize your content or community, build up a steady monthly income or create online courses.

But, you are probably wondering …

What is a membership site?

A membership site provides gated content that gives access only to subscribers. Instead of selling one-off online courses, for example, you allow your students, clients, or fans to keep an active (paid) subscription in exchange for accessing offers, deals, and a community they can network.

1 Subscriptions

Membership sites work on subscriptions. A user pays a monthly fee, an automatic payment except if they cancel it, and gets access to your content.

2 Different levels of access

Not all subscribers are the same. While you could have a standard fee for everyone, you could also have different levels of access. There are many recipes for a successful membership site.

In the case of creating courses, you could have a one-size-fits-all, where all your courses will be available for a standard monthly fee; or offer different levels of access to different categories. E.g. Offering a bronze subscription that allows access to the lower 30% tier courses that are more basic and introductory, a silver subscription for half your courses including more advanced, and a gold membership for full access.

With LearnWorlds, you could have that and also offer premium courses with one-off prices.

3 Community and Networking

Another option is instead of having content you could use your membership site to enhance your community giving them premium privileges. Offering an online school with LearnWorlds allows you to transform your community or followers into paid subscribers and give them back extra value.

Creating discussion groups or networking opportunities and even sharing updates and special deals within your community to sell other physical and digital products.

4 Drip Content

Another way to go with online courses is to drip them at regular intervals. Dripping content means releasing new content. This is a good way to keep your students and members engaged.

Dripping content is particularly effective when offering nutritional, fitness, and self-improvement courses, but can also be used in other industries. This way, you can also protect your course content from someone who would download all documents to watch later and avoid paying a subscription the next month.

With LearnWorlds, every new course section that is being unlocked sends a customizable email notification to the student (enable or disable this option) that will keep your students more engaged and coming back for more. You can even use this format to provide email courses to your students!

Advantages of a membership site

Having a membership site instead of one-off payments comes with certain advantages:

  • Regular recurring income
  • Increased Loyalty to community nurturing
  • Networking and social learning value for your members
  • Increased engagement

steady growing income

Content You can offer to your members

Of course, in a membership site, you have to keep the community engaged, start a dialogue, and monitor it. And if your membership model includes content, you should either use drip content to keep your members longer and paying more or keep creating new content for them.

Content suitable for membership sites

  • Online Courses
  • Books / Ebooks
  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Recipes / Food
  • Nutritional Advice / Training
  • Fitness Training and Schedules
  • Guidance (spiritual, self-improvement, work-related, etc)
  • Webinars and chats (one to one or one to many)

No need for multiple plugins and WordPress sites

It’s a hustle working a lot of membership plugins and combining them to fit your WordPress theme, right? LearnWorlds will allow you to have all that you need for a membership site into one:

  • Create an online course
  • Ebooks
  • Social network
  • Group discussions
  • Personal messaging
  • Monitoring
  • Marketing & Sales tools
  • Payments and subscriptions

Having only one platform/system to manage with all the tools you need is more productive than having multiple plugins, themes, and platforms to work with. Imagine combining what you need for hosting, your website (e.g. WordPress, Wix, Joomla, or Squarespace) and add a course or membership plugin to run it. All that can be avoided by signing in with LearnWorlds.

How to set up a membership site with LearnWorlds in 3 steps

All you need to create a membership site is within your grasp and all you need is a few minutes of work to set up the basics. Then, it’s all in your power to decide if you are going to be selling a community or begin creating content in a subscription basis.

And remember, you can begin selling subscriptions while developing content and get paid for it