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How to Bulk Tag your Users

1. Navigate to Users All Users.

2. Hover over Bulk actions, and click on Tag users (available in our Pro Trainer plan or higher).

3. Prepare the .xls file. Each Bulk action option offers a template excel file. You can download it, add the data and re-upload it. Τhe template file contains 2 columns: email and tags

Note: If you wish to add more than one tag, add the comma symbol (,) between tags.

Here is an example of how the file should be:

4. Specify if you want to add a universal tag to all the users included in the file. If you have already added the tags in your excel file, you can skip this step as it's optional.

5. By enabling Overwrite tags, previous tags of the specific users will be deleted, and only the new tags will be added. 

6. Add a Name for Users Actions log, to identify the progress of your Bulk action.

7. Click on Add Tags.

Note: Once the bulk action is completed, refresh the page to see the added tags.

To find the record of your Bulk actions, navigate to Report Center  Users Action Log.

You can find more about Users Action Log here.

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