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How to Set up your Custom Domain (CNAME Record)

If you want to direct all traffic from an existing site outside of LearnWorlds to your school or you don't want to use the default LearnWorlds subdomain (e.g., then you can connect your purchased custom domain at the subdomain level (e.g. Once you have connected your subdomain to your school, users will automatically be directed to your LearnWorlds school.

A subdomain is an additional part that comes before the naked domain. You can create multiple subdomains or child domains on your main domain to better organize your site. E.g if your naked domain is, you can create two subdomains for,, etc.

You can connect your own purchased domain to your LearnWorlds school in 3 steps

a. Create a CNAME record for your subdomain

b. Check if the CNAME record is successfully added

c. Request the change in your school's settings

Create a CNAME record for your subdomain

1. Login to your domain provider and navigate to the DNS Zone Editor settings.

2. Create a CNAME record. 

2a. The Host/Name will be the part of your domain that appears before the naked domain. For example, if your naked domain is and you want to create the subdomain, the Host/Name should be set to www.

2b. The CNAME record should point to your LearnWorlds school URL (e.g.


  • Make sure to replace with your LearnWolrds school URL. 
  • Do not include the https:// before your LearnWorlds URL or the / after.

Check if the CNAME record is successfully added

1. Go to Google Admin Toolbox.

2. Insert your subdomain free of https:// or / at the end (e.g.

3. If the CNAME record is correct, the Learnworlds school URL will appear in Target.

If the CNAME record has not been successfully added and you view a message such as "Record not found", you can contact for further assistance.

Request the domain's change in your school settings

If the CNAME record has been successfully created:

1. Navigate to Site builder → Site Settings → Domain.

2. Type the subdomain you created.

3. Click on Verify Domain → Click on Change Domain.

4. The verification message will appear. Your domain will be ready within the next 48 hours.


  • If you already have a CNAME DNS record for the subdomain you want to use, you can edit the existing entry and point it to your school URL. However, if the entry currently points to another live website, this change will affect the site and it will not be reachable anymore.
  • Once the new domain is ready, you and your learners should use only this custom domain and not the LearnWorlds one you have been using until that moment.
  • If you also want to connect your naked domain (without the www), click here to check the steps.
  • You can find more useful information about custom domains here.

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