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General Overview: Custom Domains

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Do you have questions about how to add or manage your custom domain? We have the answers!

What is a Custom Domain?

A custom domain is a unique branded name that identifies a website and appears in the address bar at the top of every browser. For example, is a custom domain.

Do I have to buy a Custom Domain? 

When you create your LearnWorlds school, you can use the default LearnWorlds subdomain you have inserted (e.g. It is up to you to purchase and connect a custom domain to your school or continue to use your LearnWorlds subdomain.

Naked domain Vs. Subdomain

A naked domain is a root domain that does not contain a subdomain part and is also known as apex/base/bare/zone domain. In the DNS provider settings, naked domains are sometimes symbolized by an @ symbol. For example, is a naked domain because it doesn't have a subdomain whereas is not a naked domain because it contains the subdomain www. In other words, the naked domain is the domain you have originally purchased without the "www" or any other subdomains.

A subdomain is an additional part that comes before the naked domain. You can create multiple subdomains or child domains on your main domain to better organize your site. E.g if your naked domain is, you can create two subdomains for,, etc.

Can I use my Naked Domain or should I use only a Subdomain?

You can use both. Subdomains are the most common way to connect your own domain to your school, however, naked domains can also be connected.

How can I Connect my own Domain?

If you want to direct all traffic from an existing site outside of LearnWorlds to your school or you do not want to use the default LearnWorlds subdomain (e.g. or, then you can connect your purchased custom domain at the subdomain level (e.g. Once you’ve connected your custom domain to your school, users will automatically be directed to your LearnWorlds school.

In order to connect your purchased domain with your school, you need to follow 3 steps:

1. Create a CNAME record in your domain provider's settings in order to link your custom domain with your LearnWorlds school.

2. Request the change in your school's settings. Click here to see all the steps in detail.

How can I use my Naked Domain?

You can also connect your purchased custom domain at the naked level (e.g. Your naked domain can be connected in two ways: 

1. Add A records (in order to have an SSL certificate issued by us) and request the change in your school's settings. Click here to see the steps.

2. Add a forwarding feature from your naked domain to your subdomain (the naked domain will not have an SSL certificate). 

How to use both my Subdomain and Naked Domain?

1. Add a CNAME record and request the domain's change as described here.

2. Add the A records as described here.

3. Request the changes in your school's settings.

The primary domain will be the one visible in the browser URL, and the secondary domain will redirect users to the primary domain (for example, if you have as the primary domain, and someone tries to access your secondary domain, they will be redirected to your primary domain).

How to change my Custom Domain to a new Custom one?

1. Do not remove your current CNAME or A records. It's crucial to remain intact until the process is completed, otherwise, your school will not be reachable.

2. Request the changes in your school's settings.

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