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How to Edit your Admin Notification Email Settings

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Within the Admin settings, you have the option to set up notification emails to be sent to your chosen email address when specific events occur, like a new sign-up or form submission.

In this article, we will see how to enable and disable such notifications and even assign a Teacher Support Account, a Technical Support Account, and a Teacher who Grades.

Go to Communication  School emails  Admin settings:

Notify e-mail 

Insert the email address you want to receive the notifications in the Notify e-mail field.

You can add more than one notification email (comma-separated with no gaps).

School Admin notification events

Select the user's actions that, as an admin, would like to receive emails upon:

User Sign up, New Purchase, Social Post, Social Comment, Assignment, Cancellation of Subscription/Payment plan, Affiliate Sign up, Email lead capture, Course enrollment of a user group/seat offering, Login as a User, On form submission,  On qualification form submission, On new NPS score.

Notify Instructors

You can decide if you want to notify your instructors of various events at your school.

Instructor notification events

Instructors can receive a notification upon:

  • New purchase
  • Submission for review
  • New post in course discussion
  • New comment in course discussion

The notification emails sent to admins, instructors, and managers require the Messenger (Inbox) option enabled under Communication  Inbox.

Notify Community Managers

You can notify your community managers about new activities in the community, like: 

  • On new post
  • On new comment
  • On member reported
  • On member joining space
  • On member leaving space

Notify Community Space Managers

You can notify your community space managers about new activities in the community space, like:

  • On new post
  • On new comment
  • On member joining space
  • On member leaving space

Teacher Support Account 

You can incorporate a feature that allows students to reach out to a designated teacher for course-related inquiries. To facilitate this, you would need to create a teacher support account and include the Teacher Support option in the top bar accessible after signing in or up (Edit Website  Edit School Topbar). This would enable users to easily contact the designated teacher support account for assistance.

You can find more information in our respective article

Technical Support Account 

You can include a technical support contact for your students to reach out to with any platform-related queries. To integrate this feature, ensure that you add the Technical Support option to your topbar menu accessible after users sign in or sign up (Edit Website  Edit School Topbar). This way, users can easily connect with the designated technical support account.

You can find more in our respective article.

Teacher who Grades

When a user submits an assignment, the teacher account will get a notification to grade their answers

To connect an account, type @ after your user's username and click the name from the pop-up list.

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