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How to Offer Free Sections in a Paid Course

In LearnWorlds, you can create various types of courses with sections, enabling you to better organize your course. Additionally, you can customize the accessibility settings for each section within your course.

To attract users, you can offer Free sections within a  Paid course. This allows users to gain insight into your course content. Through a free preview, users can access selected pieces of content (course sections). If users click on any course sections not included in the free preview, they will be prompted to purchase the course.

This is a great tactic to keep your audience involved and tempt them to buy your course to get access to its full content.

You can discover the various statuses for Course Section Access here. A course section can be in Draft, Soon, Free, or Paid status, and you have the flexibility to modify the status of your section as needed.

Set up Free Sections in a Paid Course

Here's how you can set some sections as Free in your Paid course:

1. Create a course.

2. In the Access tab, set the course's Access to Paid.

3. In the Course outline tab, click on the sections you wish to set as Free, and in the side form, select the Free option.

Give Access to the Free Sections of a Paid course

1. To grant access to the free sections of a paid course, you can display the paid course in the course catalog and proceed with the following steps.

1. Click on Edit course cards.

2. Navigate to When clicked → Not enrolled → Go to course player.

3. When users click on that course they will be redirected to the free sections induced in the course and be asked to pay if they want to access the paid activities.

User experience

2. Another option would be to add a Courses Contents section to the Course Layout page .

1. Go to the Course page Layout tab.

2. Click on Edit course layout, +Add Section, and add the Course Contents section.

User experience:

A Free button will automatically be added next to the course sections you have set up as free. The upgrade prompt in the free preview and the Automatic Enroll button will direct users to the payment page to buy the full version of the course with the main price.

User analytics and progress can be tracked after the user progresses to the paid content, thus after purchasing the course.

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