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How to Add and Customize the Payment Section

To add a Payment Section:

1. Go to Site Builder Edit School Site.

2. Choose the page you want to add the Payment section from the Pages Manager.

3. Click on the +Add section to add one of our available Payment Sections.

4. Click the main Save button.

Customize your payment section

You can add a Widget within the payment section. Hover over the different elements and by clicking the +  icon you can add a Heading, a Main text, a Timer, an SVG widget, etc. You can also delete the added widget.

Note: After adding a section to your page, you may want to make alterations to the section's general settings, actions, and layout settings in the Sideform.

Edit Payment Section

Click on Edit Payment Section and specify the following:

1. Select Product

Choose the Type (Course, Bundle, or Subscription), and the specific Course.

2. Select Coupon

If you have created a promotion for the product, you can apply the coupon code to the payment section by default (so the users will not need to enter the coupon code manually).

3. Payment Components

Choose whether you wish to show/hide the Product Details, Sign in/up form, and Billing details components. 

Note: Billing details are referring to the Invoice's Text Area, if you do not have this setting enabled, it will not appear in the side form.

4. Autohide Payment Section

Choose whether you wish to hide the payment section.

Notes: The payment section will automatically be hidden if:

  • The user already owns the product
  • Product no longer exists
  • No product has been set for the payment section

5. Add tags

Choose whether you wish to tag users

6. Show custom Sign up fields

Choose whether you wish to show all the custom sign-up fields. 

Note: This setting applies in case you have activated optional signup fields for registering in your school.

7. Product Details Appearance

Choose whether you wish to show the Product's image and prices, courses included and number of courses included.

Show or hide the titles and number of the courses included, if the product which is about to be purchased is a bundle or a subscription.

8. Payment Method Appearance

Choose whether you wish to show/hide the Coupons component, and the price on the Buy buttons. 

9. Error messages color

Change the color of the error message.


  • Once a user clicks on the Enroll button in any of your paid courses, they will be redirected to the Payment page where the Product details will already be updated, in the Payment section.
  • In your Site Navigation, you can specify whether logged-out users can access the payment section and navigate to the payment page. In this way, new users can buy and sign-up for the course at once.
  • If you have specified that users can sign up/login to your school through social media on your Sign in/up page, this option will appear on your payment form.
  • Find out more about our Payment page and 1-click sales funnel, where your potential customers can provide, in a single step, all the information needed to complete a purchase.

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