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Mobile Apps - FAQs

Do you have questions? We have the answers. Browse by category to find out what you are looking for with ease.



Is there a limit on the number of push notifications we send?

The LearnWorlds Mobile App Builder provides unlimited free push notifications.

Is it possible to offer in-app purchases?

Yes, you can charge one-off payments and determine what content your users access for free or need to be charged for. Remember that some steps are needed to set in-app purchases within your Apple and Google Developer accounts. Please note that both app stores take a small portion of your in-app sales. 

Google: The service fee in Google is 15% for the first $1 million of earnings each year when enrolled and 30% subsequently, which gives smaller developers more help as they scale their business. The fee for all subscription revenue is 15%, reflecting developer investment in keeping subscribers for the long run. 

Apple: Apple has a standard 30% commission rate for your in-app sales.

For iOS: How to Create In-App Purchases for the iOS Mobile App

For Android: How to Create In-App Purchases for the Android Mobile App

How does the ownership work with the white-labeled apps? Do I fully own all rights to my app and all the content I upload?

You retain full ownership of your uploaded content and intellectual property rights. Our white-label software solution allows you to create and launch your own native apps, publishing them in your own app store developer accounts.

How long does it take for the app to go live and get published?

As soon as you complete the steps to set up your app in the 1st phase, our Mobile App Team will need 1-3 business days for internal review (2nd phase). 

Then, if everything is correctly configured on your end, our Team will reach out to you to add your in-app purchases (3rd phase). As soon as you complete the steps, the Apple and Android stores will need 3-5 business days to review (4th phase). In general, we recommend following the guidelines from our Support Articles to make sure that you have properly done all the steps and facilitate the timeline to get your app published (5th phase). 

What level of security is provided for my content to protect against theft?

Data security is of great importance to LearnWorlds. We’ve implemented a secure-by-design architecture and follow the industry’s best practices to safeguard your data. For example, your data remains isolated from other customers' databases. You will never share a database as often with other e-learning platforms.

Who is eligible for the mobile apps?

The Mobile App Builder is exclusive for schools with a subscription to the Pro Trainer & Higher plans and comes with an add-on price.

How can I track the active users and the number of downloads for my App?

You can view all the details for active users and the number of downloads for your mobile apps from the analytics section in the mobile menu of the admin dashboard as well as within your accounts in the Stores.

You can find more information on reviewing the statistics for your mobile app here for the iOS and Android app.

What happens if I change my custom domain? 

If you have a Mobile app, when your domain has changed, please make sure that you change your privacy URL as well in your school's "Prepare Submissions" section. Also, feel free to contact us so we can make the respective changes in your developer accounts on your behalf.

Do you support RTL?

Yes, as long as RTL is enabled in your website version, it will also be enabled in the mobile app. If you have not activated it in your school, you can contact support for further assistance. 

Can you cast connect the Android or iOS app from my device to a smart TV? 

It is not possible to cast to a smart TV or download the app directly to the smart TV since the app is available for iOS and Android only.

When do I need to push for an Update?

Here is a list of events that require you to push for an update of your mobile app under the submission section:

  • Changes in the "Name/Icon" and "Splash Screen"
  • Changes under the Prepare Submission section in both iOS and Android. 
  • Changes in your stores details from your Developer Accounts  
  • New screenshots added for iOS
  • Adding a Firebase integration for your Mobile App


When will you bill me next?

Your LearnWorlds Mobile App Builder subscription is billed monthly or yearly from your purchase date based on your purchased plan. Your publishing & onboarding package is a one-time fee.

What happens if I stop paying the subscription?

Your LearnWorlds Mobile App Builder subscription is about using the Mobile App Builder software to build your own apps and get access to new software updates, 24/7 customer support, and the ability to update them. If your payment fails, we will make several attempts to reach out to you to update your payment information. We will disable your mobile app feature if we still cannot process the payment. You can re-enable it anytime just by clearing your balance and updating your payment information.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, your subscription can be canceled at any time. Your mobile app will be available for the remaining period of the month or year that was last paid. For any queries, please email

What will happen if I downgrade to a lower plan after I purchase my mobile app?

As Mobile App Builder is exclusive for schools with a subscription to the Pro plans or above, if you downgrade to a lower plan, we will communicate with you to inform you that your mobile app feature will be disabled. You can re-enable it at any time just by upgrading again. For any queries, please email

What is your refund policy?

We are more than certain that you will fall in love with our LearnWorlds Mobile App Builder. But if you realize that you don’t like the product, please email

Also, did you know that you can preview the app before purchasing? Using our innovative App Builder, you can preview your application’s look and feel, as well as test most of the features before submitting your app for publishing, allowing you to be certain that this app is exactly what you need! 

Do Google and Apple take a commission from my in-app sales?

Yes, Apple and Google will take a small portion of your in-app sales. Specifically, Apple has a standard 30% commission rate for your in-app sales, and Google. 

App Submission

Can I submit my mobile applications to the App Store & Google Play Store?

We will do this for you. Our stellar team of mobile experts will handle the submission process and publish your own apps to your own Apple and Google Developer accounts. You just need to press the “Submit” button and whatever comes next is up to us. The app is yours, but we look after it!

Do you publish the app for me?

Yes, our mobile team of experts reviews thoroughly and publishes your mobile app to the App Store and Google Play Store using your own developer accounts. 

The app is yours under your own Apple and Google Developer Accounts, but we look after it.

We are handling the process of reviewing and ensuring that your mobile app is compliant with app store guidelines and responding to requests, questions, or rejections from the app stores. 

Your publishing & onboarding package is a one-time fee.

Do I need an Apple Developer account and a Google Developer account?

Yes, you will need to create Apple and Google developer accounts, as we will use your own developer accounts to publish your mobile app.

The Apple Developer account costs $99/per year. You can find more information here.

The Google Developer account costs a one-time fee of $25. You can find more information here.

To publish your app through Learnworlds, you must join the Apple/Google Developer Program with an organizational account. If you enroll as an individual/private, you won't be able to add Learnworlds to your developer account.

How long does it take for you to submit my app for publishing once ready? 

Once your mobile is ready and passes through internal review, it will typically take us up to 5 to 7 days to get your app submitted for publishing. 

How do I update my app?

We continuously update your app with the latest releases of our Mobile App Builder software, including new features, bug fixes, security, and performance updates. All content updates are done via your LearnWorlds school dashboard and are synchronized with your mobile app in real time.

When you want to make changes in your app, such as changing your app icon, screenshots, and name, or anything that is related to your store listings, you have to apply the new desired preferences in the platform. Click on the “Update” button on the Launch page under Mobile app, and our team will assist you and push the new update for you on the app stores. Changes in the translations, design, theme explorer, onboarding screens, etc., will be applied on the fly with a simple restart. Users will simply need to update their app to get the latest changes synced.

Will it be my own branding in the app stores?

Yes, your apps will be published in your own developer accounts in the app stores with your own branding. In the Mobile tab of your LearnWorlds platform, you can select the desired branding preferences and the related information that you want to communicate in your app store accounts. Our team assists you with the publishing, as well as with the app store’s product screenshots. 

Do you guarantee my app will be approved?

Your app's approval depends on a third-party company (e.g., Apple, Google); we cannot guarantee approval from our side. 

If your submitted mobile app contravenes Apple’s App Store guidelines or Google’s Play Store guidelines, there is an important chance that your mobile app will be rejected.

We are handling the process of reviewing and ensuring that your mobile app is compliant with app store guidelines and responding to requests, questions, or rejections from the app stores. So, unless your content or business model does not violate app store guidelines, it’s unlikely to face such issues.

If you are selling courses, you will want to pay significant attention to Apple in-app purchases, as those would normally be required and involve a commission to the app store.

However, since we have no control over the third-party company, we cannot provide you with a guarantee that your mobile app will be approved.

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a. Currency

b. Date format of your school's info

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