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How to Integrate Multicurrency Buttons from POWR in LearnWorlds

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POWR is a powerful tool that allows you to integrate multi-currency payment buttons seamlessly into your Learnworlds school, expanding your reach and making it easier for students worldwide to access your valuable content. Students from various countries and regions have different currency preferences and exchange rates, and offering them the convenience of paying in their local currency can be a game-changer.

In this article, we will guide you through the process of integrating POWR buttons into your Learnworlds school, enabling you to sell your courses and products in multiple currencies effortlessly. 

  • You need to manually enroll users in your courses when they choose to pay through this button. How to Manually Enroll a User in a Course/Course Bundle
  • Even when utilizing this button, your school will continue to maintain a single currency, and the courses one price based on your school's currency.

Set up POWR

POWR gives you the option to add a LearnWorlds Multi-Currency Button app to your website without coding. You will need to create the button, customize it, and then embed it in your school pages. 

1. You can start here by creating your account.

2. Choose the template you want, from:

a. One-time purchase

b. Donation 

c. Subscription

3. Edit the button's settings by clicking on the settings button or on the respective icon. You get the option to

a. Connect your payment accounts 

b. Edit the payment notifications (where you will receive a notification when a payment has been completed) 

c. Autoresponder email 

d. Redirect after payment ( the page users will be sent after they complete the payment)

e. Use Google Tag Manager.

4. Edit product details, such as altering the button text, adjusting the pricing for each item, and selecting the desired currency.

5. Edit the design, by changing the theme, design, animation, preview checkout modal, and some advanced settings, including custom CSS.

Add the POWR button to your pages

Once you are ready, click on the Publish button and choose the install on a platform option. You will be introduced to instructions to successfully add the POWR button to your LearnWorlds pages. See the steps below: 

1. Go to the Install on a platform page and copy the code for the button you have created

2. Navigate to the page you wish to add the button and click to add a new embed section.

3. Paste the code you got from the POWR page on your right sideform.

4. Click on Update and Save.

5. Your new button is now added to your page successfully!

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