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How to Accept Boleto Payments through Stripe

In LearnWorlds, you can use the Boleto payment option via Stripe to support customers in Brazil, and customers who sell in BRL currency.

Boleto is a popular voucher-based payment method in Brazil that allows customers to pay at authorized agencies or banks, ATMs, or online bank portals. The customers need to have a voucher that includes a unique code reference and the transaction amount. LearnWorlds then recognizes the payments and allows your learners to access the purchased course only after a successful authorization. 

Set up your School's Currency (BRL)

Boleto works only with Brazilian Real (BRL) hence in order to use Boleto through the Stripe Payment Gateway you need to change your LearnWorlds school's currency to BRL in Financial settings.

Navigate to Settings Financial Currency and select Brazilian Real.

Activate Boleto in Stripe

You need to activate Boleto from your Stripe dashboard. In order to do so, your Stripe account needs to support Brazilian Real (BRL) currency and your Stripe account’s country (Brazil) to support Boleto.

Log into your Stripe Account and go to Settings Payment methods and turn on Boleto.

Activate Stripe Payment Gateway

To activate Stripe in your LearnWorlds school:

  • Go to Settings Financial Payment Gateway.
  • Select Stripe, and connect your Stripe account with your school.

You will find all the steps here.

Your Stripe account’s country (Brazil) needs to support Boleto.

Once you activate Stripe in your LearnWorlds school and you enable Boleto within your Stripe account as well, scroll down to find and activate the Boleto option in the Stripe payment methods list.

Subscriptions and installments are only supported through Stripe and cannot be used through Boleto.

Financial Billing Details

Once you activate Boleto with Stripe, you will see some additional (Boleto) Billing Details fields activated on the Financial Billing Details page. These fields are mapped to your Stripe account's billing details, as Stripe is active.

Additional billing details for Boleto are activated, as you have enabled Boleto as a payment method on top of Stripe.

1. Go to Settings →  Financial Billing Details

2. The Boleto additional billing details will appear: Brazilian TAX ID, Brazilian State & City but won’t be required for the admin’s view. 

However, for the user's side, when they purchase a product with Boleto, these additional billing details fields (Brazilian TAX ID, Brazilian State & City) will be mandatory/required for the users to proceed because they are necessary for the voucher-based Boleto payment.

For the rest of the payment methods (e.g. Stripe), these additional billing details fields (Brazilian TAX ID, Brazilian State & City) will be optional unless you mark them as required.

User Payment Process

These are the steps that your users will follow to complete the purchase with Boleto.

1. The user navigates to your school's Payment page

2. Selects Boleto at checkout. When Boleto is activated in your school, the learner will see the respective Boleto icon at checkout, next to the other payment methods.

3. Fills in their personal data:

For other payment methods (& Boleto): when the Stripe payment method is active, the following Billing Details should appear as mandatory for the learner to fill in:

  • Name (mandatory)
  • Address (mandatory) 
  • Postal Code (mandatory) 
  • City (not mandatory for Stripe if the admin has not selected it as required in Settings Financial Billing Details)
  • Country (mandatory)

Learners who purchase with Boleto will also see the additional billing detail fields that are mandatory for Boleto only. These will appear in other payment methods as well (e.g., Stripe) but will be optional and not required.

  • Brazilian TAX ID
  • Brazilian State
  • City (required by default for Boleto, but not for the other payment methods if the admin has not selected it as required in Settings → Financial → Billing Details)

In case the learner, clicks Buy without adding the City, the Brazilian TAX ID, or the Brazilian State, then a message will appear to let them know that these fields should be filled in:

  • For Brazilian State: 'Boleto requires your Brazilian Tax ID in order to continue.'  
  • For Brazilian TAX ID: 'Boleto requires your Brazilian State in order to continue.'
  • For City: 'Boleto requires your City in order to continue.'

4. When the learner has filled in all the necessary details, they click on Buy.

Success of Boleto generation: 

  • The respective voucher will be displayed with the payment codes and a notification that they need to pay their voucher.
  • The user needs to save the voucher details in order to process the payment.
  • The user has 7 days to make the payment and pay by cash or card in kiosks until the voucher expires.
  • They would be able to make a new attempt again, with the risk of paying for the same product multiple times.


A failure message will appear. The user will be able to make a new attempt again.

5. The users will be given access to their purchased course(s) in LearnWorlds and will receive the relevant invoice and Course Email Notification from the LearnWorlds school.

The school admin will see in their Report Center → Sales → Order and in the Report Center → Activity History → Events Page the successful purchase:

Existing vs. New PagSeguro Customers

Boleto in LearnWorlds was supported through our integration with PagSeguro. However, in mid-June 2023, the PagSeguro API made drastic changes that won’t allow new PagSeguro customers to use the provider with LearnWorlds.

For older LearnWorlds customers, who have already activated PagSeguro, Boleto will still be supported with Pagseguro.

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