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How to Set up the LearnWorlds Affiliate Management Program

Pro Trainer
Learning Center
High Volume & Corporate

LearnWorlds Affiliate Management is a LearnWorlds built-in tool that allows you to start an affiliate program. LearnWorlds affiliate and commission tracking tool is very intuitive and a piece of cake to set up. Here are the instructions that will help you set up your affiliate program.

Basic Affiliate Settings

Navigate to Marketing →  Affiliate Management →  Setup. In this section, you can set up every detail of your affiliate program.

  • Choose to enable or disable your affiliate program. 
  • Edit the Affiliate Agreement page. Your affiliate program should be governed by a specific agreement between you and your affiliate partners. You can prepare a comprehensive understanding by clicking on the Edit page.  When you click on the Edit page you will see that we have prepared a suggested template (does not constitute legal advice). Your terms page URL will be your school URL followed by /affiliate-program-terms.

  • You need to set up the commissions, and more specifically:

1. Commission rate: The commission rate is the percentage rate of your affiliate commissions, and it applies to all products added to the program. Commissions typically range from 10% to 50%. However, it is entirely your choice to make.

2. Cookie expiration: Any referral that will purchase signs up before the cookie expiration period will be associated with the respective affiliate. It is recommended that you set cookie expiration anywhere between 15 and 60 days.

3. Commission payable after: Α new customer might cancel their purchase after some time and ask for their money back. Therefore, you must ensure that your customer stays before you pay the commission to the affiliate. The "commission payable after” setting has entirely to do with your refund policy.

Affiliate payments are managed outside of the platform.

Affiliate Registration Page 

You can manually assign the role of the affiliate (if they have already created an account in your school):

...or allow them to register by themselves by turning on the Affiliate self-register setting.

We have prepared a default template that you can use or customize to your liking.


  • The variable {{}} is connected with your School's info under School Name. 
  • Once visitors have clicked on the "Become an Affiliate" button or have already signed up as users in your school, a simple user account will have been created. For them to start an affiliate partnership with you, they have to click on the "Join the affiliate program" button that appears after they register. 
  • As soon as they become affiliates, the "Affiliate dashboard" button will be then visible on the Self Register page (they can also access their dashboard by clicking on the pencil icon on their After login page). 
  • The self-registration and affiliate sign-in page URL is your school URL, followed by /affiliate-registration.

What Affiliates See once they log in

When an affiliate registers for your program, they get immediate access to their Affiliate Dashboard. On the dashboard, they can see how their work is performing at any time. 

  • You can set up what your affiliates can see in terms of commission status.
  • You can choose if your affiliates can see people (referrals) who have registered in the school but have not purchased anything yet. When these people buy, they become Customers, and they are not considered Leads anymore. 
  • You can choose where the affiliate will be redirected after logging in (Affiliate dashboard, After login page, Another page, Specific URL).

Set Payment Methods

You can determine the payment options from which your affiliates will choose the preferred one. You can select PayPal, Bank transfer, and Other (if you keep the "other" option enabled, then your affiliates can fill in a text field with their preferred way of receiving payouts). 

Select Affiliate Products

You can choose which courses and bundles you would like to be available for your affiliate program.


  • Α new course won’t be available for affiliate marketing if you don’t manually add it to this list. Only paid courses can be linked with your affiliate program. Free or private courses are not eligible for this.
  • If you are not using our integrated payment gateways but an external one to receive payment for your products, then the affiliate system cannot track the referrals, commissions, and payments.
  • If a user visits two affiliate links from two different affiliates and finally buys a product, then the affiliate's link the user visited last will get the commission.

Features per plan

Our built-in affiliate system is available on the Pro Trainer (core functionality) and Learning Center plan (advanced functionality). The differences between the Pro Trainer plan, compared to the Learning Center plan are:

Pro Trainer plan 
Learning Center plan
Affiliate Self Registration Page
Manually Add Affiliates
Customization of Affiliate's Dashboard
Leads and Customers tabs on Αffiliate Dashboard
Custom Payment Methods
Change individually Commission Rate in comparison with the default Commission Rate under Affiliate Setup
Commissions StatusPayable and Paid Commissions
New, Approved, Payable, Paid, and Rejected Commissions

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