1 Go to Site BuilderTheme Explorer.

2 Go to the Typography tab.

The Theme Explorer takes care of your school’s font families as well as the text sizes of all the different text widgets. You can adjust the basic function or even visit the advanced typography settings and you will be seeing the changes on the page you are currently at on the right side of the window. 

You can restore your changes to the default values by clicking on Reset typography.

a Font Families

You are able to choose the font families you wish to use and even add more, by clicking on Add another font family. You can set a default font family for your headings and main text widgets (it can either be the same, or a different one for headings and main texts). You can also add another five extra font families (available for our Learning Center plans and higher), to use on individual heading and main text widgets. 

You may either choose fonts from our list or upload your own font. You can choose from the Most Popular list of fonts or by Alphabetical order or upload your own custom fonts (.woff, .woff2, .ttf file format). 

Note: The upload fonts option is available for our Learning Center plans, or higher. 

b Text Sizes

You can also change the basic Headings and Main text sizes, or click on Advanced Typography to have full control of the typography of your site template.

Note: Regarding the various text sizes, there are many text widgets available, belonging to two main categories: headings and main texts. This refers to the HTML structure of each of these widgets (which renders search engines to crawl them in a different manner) and you can adjust their default style according to your school’s needs.

Headings and Main Text Widgets

The basic typography settings allow you to adjust the font size of the basic text widgets: Headings 1 to 4 (of size normal) plus the large, normal, and small main text widgets. So, for instance, you can adjust the font size of the h4 normal text widgets to 20px, and all h4 normal text widgets throughout your website will be 20px. 

You can find out more about our Headings and Main Text widgets, in our respective article.

Advanced Typography

You click on Advanced typography to control all text widgets of your site. In Advanced Typography, you can adjust the font size of each heading and main text element. Click on More properties to control the:

  • Font family
  • Font size (px)
  • Line height (em)
  • Letter spacing (px)
  • Opacity
  • Font weight
  • Text Transform (capitalize or uppercase) of each text element. 

of each text element. Advanced typography does not work dynamically, to allow you to further fine-tune each text widget. 

You can discard the changes by clicking Cancel, Reset them to default, or Apply them. Applying the changes here doesn’t save them, only applies them to the text you are currently working on so that you can move to other texts as well in your advanced typography area. 

Once you are done, you can go back to the previous area to further adjust the font families or the basic text widgets. Remember to hit Save (or Save and close) at the bottom of the form, if you are happy with your new typography settings and you are ready to apply the changes to the entire school.